Unlocking the Power of Nutrition for a Healthier, Happier You. Ft. Julia Larish, Owner Of Red Dead Kitchen and Red Dead Conditioning | Episode 26


What is the importance of Proper Nutrition in living a healthier and happier life? 🎙️In today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Julia Larish and this is the second time she is joining me in this podcast. She is the founder and owner of Dead Red Conditioning, Dead Red Kitchen and Arizona Sky…

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How can I relieve neck pain at home? Ft. Dr. Andrew Minkley, MD from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians | Episode 25

neck pain

❓What can you do to relieve neck pain? In today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Dr Andrew Minkley, MD. He is a physiatrist from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians. He focused on restoring function and working creatively with people across the spectrum of ability to help them achieve their goals.   💎…

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How much exercise do I need as I get older? | Episode 24


❓Have you ever wondered if exercising is worth your time and effort? In today’s episode, I dived deep into the benefits of exercising as we age. Having the right mindset over any matter creates a better lifestyle and future not only for you but as well as to your loved ones. 💎 Getting into better…

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Why Am I Suffering From Back Pain & how to diminish it- Back Pain Masterclass| Episode 23

back pain

Back pain. What is it? Why does my back continue to hurt? If you aren’t a fan of injections, pills, or surgery and are looking for other options or results then this seminar is for you. This whole seminar is targeted around helping you know what options exist for you. Disclaimer: This video was shot…

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Why it’s Vital to get a good nights Sleep With Lauri Leadley President of Valley Sleep Center | Episode 22


Do you struggle to get through the day without being tired? Have you had endless nights of not being able to fall asleep? Do you use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea? Dr. Nick and Lauri who is a clinical sleep educator, talk about treatments for sleep, sleep studies and when you may need one,…

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Is My Diet Affecting My Energy Levels? | Episode 21 With Allie Birkett


Are you left feeling fatigue, low energy, or memory loss? This may all have to do with your diet! In this episode, Dr. Nick and Allie Birkett talk about all things nutrient deficiencies and gut dysfunction. She is a board-certified physician assistant specializing in integrative medicine. She has been practicing for 9 years and has…

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Addressing Neck Pain – Neck Pain Workshop | Episode 20

neck pain

Can you get injections for neck pain? Why am I experiencing neck pain when I sleep? These questions and more can be answered in this podcast.       Click below to listen to this episode!        Visit our Podcast channel to listen to more episodes:

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What Is Knee Pain? knee pain workshop | Episode 19

knee pain

This episode is from the Knee Pain Workshop we held in our clinic. You may be experiencing knee pain but do you really know why it happens or what is going on in your knee at the time of your pain? Powerpoint and video of the workshop are available on our Youtube Channel.    …

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Ankle Arthritis with Dr. Jeffrey McAlister from Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute | Episode 18


Are you suffering from arthritis in your foot or ankle and are wondering if it can be healed? Tune in to hear Dr. Hunter and his guest Dr. McAlister DPM, FACFAS talk about his passion for ankle arthritis and how he is striving to educate his patients and care for their ankles. He treats everything from…

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The Difference Between Physical Therapy and Preferred Physical Therapy | Episode 17

physical therapy

When people come to Preferred Physical Therapy, many people ask what makes it different from their previous physical therapy experience. In this episode of the Healthy Lifestyles Podcast, Dr. Nick Hunter (PT, DPT) explains the five things that Preferred Physical Therapy does differently from other physical therapy clinics in order to provide better and longer-lasting…

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