What Do You Do When You Pull A Muscle?

Rice Method

Have you ever pulled a muscle? Chances are you have. And when you do, don’t you know it! When you pull one the pain can range from mild, like a minor neck strain you get from turning your head the wrong way, to very severe, such as a lower back injury that leaves you unable…

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After An Injury, Do I Run… Or Rest?

Run or Rest

I see many people not giving themselves the best chance of staying active and healthy, simply because they don’t receive the best advice – and that’s unfortunate. So I’d like to take a moment to address a question that is commonly asked of me; One that I think is vitally important to make understood. ===…

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Plantar Fasciitis: How to Limit it and Avoid Other Ankle Injuries or Pain…

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is much easier to explain than it is to pronounce. So I’ll try my best: It’s basically an injury which you’d recognize from a very sharp ‘pin prick’ like pain underneath your foot. It can come from too much running, having a long term problem with an Achilles tendon that wasn’t properly fixed,…

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Sports Injuries: Why “Exercises” Don’t Always Work… And How To Make Sure The Ones You’re Doing, Are!


Let’s talk… About why MOST exercises NEVER work. (Like the person injured and doing them, hopes). This is largely because they are being done at the wrong time, for the wrong reason and in the wrong order. There’s a myth out there that anytime a person gets injured, it’s all about just doing “some exercises”.…

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Is 100% Recovery Ever Possible?

Ankle Pain

Nick here again and I’d like to talk to you about recovery… The more health conscious that we get as a nation, the more this question pops up in my clinic: “Will I return to 100% and be able to do everything that I used to be able to do, again?” The answer to this,…

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Sports Injuries: To heat, or not to heat

Heat or Ice

Today I want to talk to you about… Ice or heat? This is something I get lots of questions about when it comes to an injury and what works best. Most people know that applying ice or heat to an injury can help to speed up recovery. However, in my experience, many people don’t know…

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Is it Ligament Damage or Muscle Damage?

This is a question I hear from clients when I tell them they’ve damaged their ligaments and it may take longer than it would take to heal the same degree of muscle damage. In order to fully answer this question I have to explain a little further about ligaments first… Let’s Define Ligaments. Ligaments are…

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Sports Injuries: A Muscle Imbalance Commonly Suffered By Runners Causing Injury


Since, summer is coming to a close and school sports are starting up, it can come to a halt by an injury that I see a lot of. It’s commonly suffered by runners, especially ones doing a little too much too quick- those cross country runners and track and field competitors. See, one of the…

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The Most Common Injuries in Golf… and How ANY Golfer Can Avoid Them


Over the past month in this column, you’ve read about common elbow injuries usually caused by activities such as tennis or computer usage. But how about taking a seemingly effortless walk on the grass and hitting a few balls along the way? Injuries in golf are very common. But the problem with golf is that…

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Piriformis Syndrome: A pain in the butt! (And hip and leg)

Piriformis Muscle

Take a second to think about your favorite activity. You’ve done it for years, either recreationally or professionally. Lately the unrelenting pain in your hip has made it difficult to go on, so you end up switching things up-singles tennis to doubles, or from full court basketball to half court. Pretty soon, the pain grows…

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