Should I Exercise with Bone-On-Bone Knee Pain? Your Questions Answered!

Have you been told your knee(s) are bone-on-bone causing knee pain and there’s nothing you can do to fix it?   I’ve heard that before.  Bone-on-bone knee pain is common and scary.   Recently, a patient clicked on our Facebook ad for looking for treatment for her knee pain. It has been going on for years…

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Lower Back Pain With Sit-Ups? – Here’s why and 2 exercises to do instead

80% of people will suffer from low back pain at some time in their life.  A proven treatment for low back pain is to do core exercises like sit-ups.  But what do you do when the treatment, in this case, sit-ups, is causing low back pain?  People experiencing pain while doing sit-ups either had back…

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Elbow Pain? 3 Simple Exercises for Elbow Pain Relief

Elbow Pain is very common and frustrating to treat because of how nagging the pain can be.  This blog post will introduce you to the necessary anatomy, and break down the symptoms and conditions normally experienced with pain associated with the elbow. The Anatomy of the elbow The elbow is made up of three bones:…

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How To Prevent Elbow Pain With Pickleball or Tennis

Getting relief from irritating elbow pain that extends all the way down to your wrists and hands and be very scary to deal with.  Inflammation can occur when obvious stress or overuse is noticeable.  To prevent elbow pain when playing pickleball or any other racquet sport you should take a look at your swing form…

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Answering Foot and Ankle Pain Based on Where It Hurts. What Could It Be?

ankle pain

Foot and Ankle pain can happen for many reasons. Depending on your activities and everyday wear and tear on your ankles and feet. Your foot and ankle may become stiff or swell and be so painful that you are unable to walk comfortably.  If it is not too severe and surgery is not needed, resting…

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What Are The Most Common Foot Injuries Causing Foot Pain? – Do you have one?

Foot injuries can be devastating.  Foot pain can take away your ability to balance and live an active lifestyle without compromise.  Since our feet are so important to keep us active and mobile, any injury to them can affect the way we work, exercise, and enjoy hobbies. Many people, including myself, may have posture, balance,…

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Avoid Foot Pain With These 2 Important Tips

Hiking is a highly sought-out activity in Arizona. Many people live or vacation in Arizona for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, trail running, and horseback riding.  With the sun beating down on you while enjoying the great outdoors,  your feet are surely going to start sweating and rubbing. This can cause foot…

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Can Bad Posture Cause Neck and Shoulder Pain?

This article includes information about forward head posture and how it affects your neck, symptoms, and treatments. Forward head posture is fixable with some proper exercises and good posture. What is Forward Head Posture? Forward head posture is when holding the head out in front of the natural position over the cervical spine. This position…

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Neck Stiffness? How to Tell If It’s Arthritis

Stiff Neck

Arthritis in your knees or hands but frequent stiffness in the neck could mean arthritis. Here’s how to tell, and ways to treat it. Symptoms of Arthritis in the Neck If you’ve noticed any chronic pain or stiffness in your neck that could be an early sign of arthritis in the neck. Common popping or…

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3 Tips For Getting Rid Of General Neck Pain

Neck Pain

People are doing a lot of different things now post-pandemic, bringing new neck aches and pains. Follow these 3 tips to get rid of neck aches and pain. General Neck Stiffness Often Creeps Up On People With Zero Warning. There’s sometimes no explanation as to why you might all of a sudden wake up one…

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