How can I relieve neck pain at home? Ft. Dr. Andrew Minkley, MD from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians | Episode 25

neck pain

neck pain

❓What can you do to relieve neck pain?

In today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Dr Andrew Minkley, MD. He is a physiatrist from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians. He focused on restoring function and working creatively with people across the spectrum of ability to help them achieve their goals.


💎 Dr Andrew dived deep into conversations about the different aspects, causes, and treatments of neck pain. Neck pain may be a normal and less serious condition for some, they may have got it from bad posture or sudden movement, but when will be the alarming point where one should seek medical health? What if your neck pain is actually telling some more serious health condition lying underneath? How will you know? What can you do?

🎙️ Tune in so you too can benefit from this amazing conversation and know what you can do about neck pain.



You’ll learn:

  • What is a physiatrist
  • What are the causes of neck pain
  • How to know if the neck pain is serious?
  • What is the fastest way to relieve neck pain?
  • What pillow or mattress is the best for neck pain?
  • How long can neck pain last?


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