Connecting with Dad: How Physical Therapy Strengthens Families

Physical Therapy

Imagine a dad who’s had a rough time. Maybe he got hurt or is dealing with something tough like addiction. Physical therapy isn’t just about fixing his body; it’s about healing his heart and bringing the family closer together.     Dad’s Journey to Recovery When Dad starts therapy, it’s more than just lifting weights…

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Understanding the Impact of Aging on Balance and Proven Strategies for Enhancing Stability


Ever wondered how getting older affects your ability to maintain balance? In this blog post, we’ll explore the changes that happen in our bodies as we age, especially in our eyes, ears, and sense of balance. We’ll discuss why these changes can make it harder to stay steady on our feet and share practical tips…

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Regenerative Therapy: Explore the Top 5 Benefits of Our Services


Unlock the transformative benefits of our advanced regenerative services.  Last November 17th 2023, we had our Patient Appreciation Event where we gave out free trial treatments of shockwave, EMTT, Red Light, PEMF, and assisted stretch. The only way to know if these treatments are right for them is to give them a try. If you’ve…

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What are Biomarkers and how they are used?


The Blueprint to Healthy Living: How Biomarkers Pave the Way to a Vibrant Life Beyond 40 One of our goals is to help people create quality of life goals for their next 1-2 decades of life. Meaning, let’s define what ability you want to preserve and ensure you can do for the next 1-2 decades.…

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Regain Independence and Improve balance As You Age


Research shows that the right exercises can help sedentary folks dramatically improve their strength and balance at any age or ability level.   I’m excited to share a truly inspiring story of one of our valued clients, Chuck, who has made remarkable progress on his path to better balance, health and well-being through our Preferred…

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13 Ways To Relieve Ache and Pain


What can you do when you feel ache and pain in your body?   Over my 13-year career as a PT, treating thousands of patients over the age of 50, you can imagine how many conversations I’ve had with patients about their aches and pain.  One conversation that comes up very regularly is when a…

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Hit The Trails With Confidence: Hiking Strategies For Foot And Ankle Pain

Woman Hiking In Arizona

Love hiking and getting outdoors in beautiful surroundings, but have to deal with the nagging, relentless companion known as chronic foot and ankle pain? I feel your pain – both literally and figuratively. But here’s the thing: you’re not alone, and there’s hope. I want to share some insights on natural pain relief for sore…

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5 Effective Exercises For A Better Brain Function

brain exercises

Can you really stop your memory from deteriorating? What exercise can you do to have better brain function even at over 50? “Who was I just telling this to… oh it will come to me later.” I love to hear stories my patients share with me throughout the day.  At some point during our conversation,…

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How The 3 Common Myths About Exercise And The Elderly Affect Quality Life

exercise and the elderly

There are several commonly held myths and misconceptions about exercise and the elderly that can hinder progress and discourage individuals from pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I ran across this post on social media last week and it triggered me. I have 4 boys aged 18, 16, 14, and 12. One day they will have kids…

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9 reasons why staying social is vitally important as we age

staying social

Here are 9 reasons why staying social is vitally important as we age. Oh, let’s talk about the importance of staying social as you age! Imagine friendships as little rays of sunshine that keep your life’s garden blooming. It’s not just about having someone to chat with; staying social has some real-deal benefits that can…

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