One of the Best Ways to Keep Fit Without Going to the Gym


Since it’s going to be a ‘springtime’ soon, something we hear a lot of people who visit our clinic talk about is wanting to be healthier. But one thing that is holding them back is that they’re either: Not sure where to start or what activity to do Or They think that they have to…

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Headaches and Migraines: “Was it Something I Ate?”


Let’s talk about headaches… Whether it’s the mid-afternoon pounding headache or an agonizing pain that leaves you sensitive to light and feeling sick, headaches are something most of us have experienced at one point or another. But for some, headaches are a much larger problem and can even affect everyday life…. Brenda, a patient of…

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5 Reasons Why Running When It’s Cold Is Good For You

Running Cold Whether

I’m going to guess that you’re reading this article because you enjoy running (or know someone who does)… Or you’ve read the title and thought it sounds crazy – what could possibly be good about running in the cold, right? I’m not going to pretend that I ‘enjoy’ stepping outside on a fresh cold morning…

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