Is My Diet Affecting My Energy Levels? | Episode 21 With Allie Birkett



Are you left feeling fatigue, low energy, or memory loss? This may all have to do with your diet!

In this episode, Dr. Nick and Allie Birkett talk about all things nutrient deficiencies and gut dysfunction. She is a board-certified physician assistant specializing in integrative medicine. She has been practicing for 9 years and has a certification in anti-aging medicine through the Academy of Anti-aging. She has a background in family medicine and urgent care and served in the US Air Force for 4 years following her physician assistant program.


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Discussing why it's important to address the root causes of why her patients feel the way they feel.

She evaluates and treats:

Nutrient deficiencies

Hormone deficiencies or imbalance to include thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones

Inflammation and toxin load to include heavy metals and mycotoxins

Neurotransmitter imbalance or deficiencies

Gut dysfunction, including food sensitivities, SIBO, and leaky gut

Long-haul covid symptoms

Chronic/acute pain



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