Combined Therapy: An Effective Approach For Accelerated Recovery


My mission in opening Preferred Physical Therapy was to help people make better decisions about their health so they can have joy in their journey by avoiding a reliance on pills, injections, and avoiding surgery.   To do this, I’ve been dedicated to learning the techniques and skills necessary as a physical therapist to give my…

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How regenerative technologies are used to recover from injury? Both chronic and Acute

regenerative technology

Regenerative technology used for Musculoskeletal Health. There have been several technological breakthroughs in the past few decades. Self driving cars, robot vacuums, and now A.I. powering all kinds of software, but what about medicine and health?   We’re going to explore some exciting regenerative technology approved by the FDA. These technologies have been studied for treatment…

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Hit The Trails With Confidence: Hiking Strategies For Foot And Ankle Pain

Woman Hiking In Arizona

Love hiking and getting outdoors in beautiful surroundings, but have to deal with the nagging, relentless companion known as chronic foot and ankle pain? I feel your pain – both literally and figuratively. But here’s the thing: you’re not alone, and there’s hope. I want to share some insights on natural pain relief for sore…

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Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50


The Sneaky Culprit Behind Joint Stiffness: Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50  As a physical therapist who’s all about helping people over 40 stay active and independent, I’d like to talk about a topic that often sneaks up on us as we age and forces many people to think “There’s nothing you…

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Don’t get Caught in Tendon-Confusion! The Difference Between Tendonitis and Tendonosis Explained


Many have either suffered from tendinitis or at least heard of it. But have you ever heard of TENDINOSIS? If you’ve ever suffered from tendonitis – then you know that it can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months! What is the difference between Tendonitis and Tendonosis? Tendonitis is an acute, short-term, inflammatory…

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Answering Foot and Ankle Pain Based on Where It Hurts. What Could It Be?

ankle pain

Foot and Ankle pain can happen for many reasons. Depending on your activities and everyday wear and tear on your ankles and feet. Your foot and ankle may become stiff or swell and be so painful that you are unable to walk comfortably.  If it is not too severe and surgery is not needed, resting…

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What Are The Most Common Foot Injuries Causing Foot Pain? – Do you have one?

Foot injuries can be devastating.  Foot pain can take away your ability to balance and live an active lifestyle without compromise.  Since our feet are so important to keep us active and mobile, any injury to them can affect the way we work, exercise, and enjoy hobbies. Many people, including myself, may have posture, balance,…

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Avoid Foot Pain With These 2 Important Tips

Hiking is a highly sought-out activity in Arizona. Many people live or vacation in Arizona for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, trail running, and horseback riding.  With the sun beating down on you while enjoying the great outdoors,  your feet are surely going to start sweating and rubbing. This can cause foot…

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Achilles Tendonitis? Why You Can’t IGNORE It


The Achilles tendon is a specialized material located at the back of the leg. It connects your calf muscle to your heel and is a visible cord just behind the ankle. It is largely responsible for our speed and power through the legs. Achilles tendonitis is a common injury among the mid-’30s to mid-50-year-old athletes.…

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Heel Pain When Walking? Top 3 Areas You Should Check

Heel Pain

Heel pain is so debilitating because every step serves as a constant reminder. We rely on healthy feet to get around the house, get to work, exercise, and play with our kids. But when all of that is painful we may get depressed, irritable with our kids, and can even gain weight because we can’t…

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