Don’t get Caught in Tendon-Confusion! The Difference Between Tendonitis and Tendonosis Explained


Many have either suffered from tendinitis or at least heard of it. But have you ever heard of TENDINOSIS? If you’ve ever suffered from tendonitis – then you know that it can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months! What is the difference between Tendonitis and Tendonosis? Tendonitis is an acute, short-term, inflammatory…

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Should I Exercise with Bone-On-Bone Knee Pain? Your Questions Answered!

Have you been told your knee(s) are bone-on-bone causing knee pain and there’s nothing you can do to fix it?   I’ve heard that before.  Bone-on-bone knee pain is common and scary.   Recently, a patient clicked on our Facebook ad for looking for treatment for her knee pain. It has been going on for years…

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Knee Pain When Squatting

Knee Pain Squatting

Are you left feeling weak in the knees with pain? If you squat to lift weights or just squat down in general, this repetitive motion can be known to cause pain. You may be feeling this sort of pain due to the mechanics in how you squat. You can bend down or squat and hurt…

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Tips On How To Improve Knee Pain

Knee Lunges

Knee pain can be brought on by any daily activity one does. Knee pain is very commonly related to repeated stress on the knee such as walking, hiking, kneeling, bending, etc. You may be struggling with knee pain and are tired of trying to figure out ways you can improve your knee pain. Some things…

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How Do I Treat Knee Pain At Home? 4 Easy Treatments You Can Do Today!

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Knee pain can affect anyone of any age. You could have gotten knee pain from an injury, or have other medical conditions concerning your knees such as arthritis. There are many different types of knee pain. Having minor pain in the knee may be able to be solved with self-care measures or physical…

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Knee Arthroscope Vs Conservative Care

Knee Arthroscope

We accept the marriage between art and science in medicine. An “art” because some people are wonderfully talented in the way they deliver medicine and a “science” because we can test those ways repeatedly across many populations of people over time to prove what is effective. This method advances medicine repeatedly! By helping people know…

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3 Common Reasons Your Knees Hurt

Knee Pain

Spring is officially here and it’s around this time that a lot of folks who set out to start running or exercising again at the New Year are starting to complain of their knees hurting. If you’re over the age of 40 – one of the most common questions I get is… Is running bad…

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knee Pain Treatments

Knee Surgery

Did you know almost 40% of the U.S. population over the age of 45 suffers from some degree of knee osteoarthritis? This knee pain is one of the leading causes of disability? It’s also something we treat daily in our clinic. Not all knee pain is the same nor do people respond to the same…

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Protect Your Joints From weather

Winter Aches and Pains

There’s no denying that it’s officially winter here in the southwest with this cold weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks. And because of this drop in temperature, we’ve had a lot more people struggling with aches and pains in their joints. Have you been feeling the cold in your bones too? If…

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How To Exercise with Arthritic Hips & Knees

Bike Ride

Exercising with Arthritic Hips and Knees is something you can do. And biking is something everyone can do at any age. One of the biggest health mistakes that people make during this time (while the gyms and fitness centers are closed) is to think that walking or jogging is the only way to exercise while…

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