Maximize your results with Shockwave Therapy by combining it with other modalities for sensational benefits and transformative effects

shockwave therapy

Have you ever heard of Shockwave Therapy? Perhaps you’ve come across it in discussions about treating various medical conditions, but you’re not quite sure what it entails or if it’s effective. As a physical therapist, I’ll admit I had my doubts at first. But after witnessing its transformative effects firsthand, I can confidently say that…

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Embracing “Lasts” and the Power of Prioritizing Health Over 50

Have you ever stopped to think about your “lasts”?  You know, those moments in life when you realize you’re doing something for the last time. Some of these we expect and even prepare for.  Like the last day of school before summer.  Or when we sold our first home, I remember saying to my boys…

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5 Must-Take Supplements If You’re Over 40 & Looking To More Life From Your Next Few Decades

Top 5 Supplements

Understanding the Significance of Supplements As we navigate life’s journey, prioritizing our health becomes increasingly vital, especially in the 40-60 age range. Strong bones, flexible joints, and overall vitality are crucial for a fulfilling, active lifestyle. While modern medicine has its place, nutrition and supplementation play an undeniable role. Recognizing the importance of supplements is…

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Expert Insights: 4 Effective Alternatives for Knee Arthritis Pain Management

Dealing with Arthritis, especially in the knees, is a common challenge for many older adults. There are 2 Types of Knee Arthritis we’ll discuss and explore treatment options that don’t include pain pills, steroid injections, or surgery.   I. Understanding Knee Arthritis: There are two main types of Knee Arthritis – Inflammatory and Degenerative Inflammatory…

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Unlocking the Power of Nutrition for a Healthier, Happier You. Ft. Julia Larish, Owner Of Red Dead Kitchen and Red Dead Conditioning | Episode 26


What is the importance of Proper Nutrition in living a healthier and happier life? 🎙️In today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Julia Larish and this is the second time she is joining me in this podcast. She is the founder and owner of Dead Red Conditioning, Dead Red Kitchen and Arizona Sky…

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