Shoulder Pain: Why Does My Shoulder Hurt When I Reach Up To The Top Cabinet?

This is one of the most common shoulder injuries we see here in my clinic. The shoulder has the greatest movements of all the joints in the body and the rotator cuff is a set of muscles that supports these movements. There are only 3 ligaments in the shoulder that allow this high range of…

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Shoulder Pain: Simple Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk to Maintain a Healthy Posture

Sometimes, it can surprise us how the smallest things in life can actually affect our health. Small things like wearing that heavy bag on the same shoulder everyday, or that terrible posture that began at work, but so desperately want to get rid of. That’s right… it all adds up. Today I’ll be going over…

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Shoulder Pain: How Your Lifestyle May Be Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse (and How to Ease It)

Shoulder Pain

Often times it can be hard to see what you’re doing wrong in your habits because, well, it’s your lifestyle. Your daily routine is so uniform to you that it can become second nature to read before bed, play around on your tablet or go for that game of golf on Friday night. What If…

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Headaches and Migraines: “Was It Something I Ate?”

Let’s talk about headaches… Ranging from a mid-afternoon head pounding ache, to an agonising pain that leaves you sensitive to light and sometimes feeling sick, heachaches are something that most, if not all of us, have suffered from at some point in our life. But for some, headaches are a much bigger problem and can…

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Posture Isn’t That Important… Right?

Poor Posture

In the past, whenever I heard someone say “posture is important” or “you can do damage if you sit or stand incorrectly”, I honestly wouldn’t pay attention to it. There’s nothing worse that being ‘nagged’ to “Stand up straight” or “stop slouching!…” There are some instances where it just can’t be helped. Like many others…

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Why Your Neck Pain Isn’t Caused by “Stress”

Neck Pain Sleeping

Recently I had received an email from from someone concerned about his neck. He told me that his neck has always been a bit “sore” but he shrugged it off and never thought much of it. But for the past few days he finds that when he wakes up in the morning, it’s becoming painful…

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Neck Pain: Quick Tips To Keep A Stiff Neck From Creeping Up On You

TV Posture

Let’s talk about one of the most common things that people aged 40+ who come to see me experience…. The sudden onset of shoulder and neck tension. Many times it sneaks up on people without warning! There’s often no explanation as to why you might wake up with an annoying, nagging neck one day, that…

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Experiencing Hip Pain? Here’s what’s causing it:

Hip Pain

This week, I’m focusing in on a common problem that we treat here at Preferred Physical Therapy: Hip Pain! When a patient describes their hip pain as either: pain radiating down the front of the leg, pain in front of the hip joint or pain along the underwear line, this is considered a primary hip…

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Travel During The Holidays


Traveling during the holidays can, without a doubt, be dreadful. Some people even miss out on seeing their families over the holiday season because they just can’t handle sitting down for the duration of the trip. We encounter many people who have traveled to another state, whether it may be by car or by plane,…

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What to do with your Headache Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are a pain in the… well, you know… head! We have all experienced some type of headache pain, whether it has been due to stress, migraines, or even lack of caffeine. But, what truly is a headache and how are they being caused? Most people don’t understand the four types of headaches: Migraine or…

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