Hip Pain Radiating Down The Front Of Your Leg? Here Are 3 Common Causes

Elderly Woman With Hip Pain In The Front Of Her Leg

Hip pain can be debilitating, making it hard to move around and complete everyday tasks. This hip pain can be even more discouraging when it extends down the front of your leg. However, understanding the possible causes of hip pain that radiates down the front of your leg can help you find the right treatment…

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How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast Without Relying On Painkillers

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

Planning a trip or some fun activities with the family this summer but worried your lower back pain might raise its ugly head at the worst possible time? At Preferred Physical Therapy, we see this all the time, but what is surprising is how long people will live with pain or fear, no matter how…

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Maintaining Mobility in Later Years: The Importance of Proper Gait Mechanics


  Why Proper Gait Mechanics Matter As we age, it’s natural for our bodies to experience changes that can affect the way we move. For older adults, these changes can include a loss of leg strength and coordination, as well as a loss of flexibility in the hips and spine. These gait deviations can lead…

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Ouch! – What to do when you Pull a Muscle

Muscle Pull

  What Happens When You Pull A Muscle? A pulled muscle is just another way to describe a muscle strain. Muscle strains are painful.  Muscle strains occur when a muscle or tendon is overstretched or torn. A torn muscle is graded by 3 degrees. Mild, moderate, and complete tear. Muscle strains can occur without warning…

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Should I Exercise with Bone-On-Bone Knee Pain? Your Questions Answered!

Have you been told your knee(s) are bone-on-bone causing knee pain and there’s nothing you can do to fix it?   I’ve heard that before.  Bone-on-bone knee pain is common and scary.   Recently, a patient clicked on our Facebook ad for looking for treatment for her knee pain. It has been going on for years…

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3 Types of Injuries Physical Therapy Treats

Physical therapy can be very beneficial when you’re suffering from any injury. Physical therapy can help someone to regain strength, improve mobility and range of motion. Why Would I Go To Physical Therapy For An Injury? Wherever you are experiencing pain, physical therapy can help improve that area’s range of motion and strength. Physical therapy…

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Why is Shoulder Stability Important?

Shoulder Stability

Why the shoulder blades are crucial for stability in our shoulder and how the rotator cuff helps. What Is Shoulder Stability? Often when talking about stability in your shoulder people mention the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a series of 4 muscles and does play a big part when it comes to stability. However,…

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Voted “3 Best Physical Therapist In Glendale, Az”

Best PT

I never had a goal to be rated one of the best physical therapists in Glendale Arizona. I have always found the criterion and standards to be voted “the Best” of anything to be narrow scope. Everyone has their own criteria. It was my goal to be one of the most compassionate. Again, I’m not…

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Tight Shoulder? This May Be The Cause

Shoulder Pain

This is one of the most common injuries we see here in my clinic. The shoulder has the greatest movements of all the joints in the body and the rotator cuff is a set of muscles that supports these movements. There are only 3 ligaments in the shoulder that allow this high range of movement.…

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How Physical Activities Impact Your Brain Function

Brain Function

We have all heard the recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, based on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Some of us may reach that two and a half hours worth throughout the week. While some of us struggle to get that time in. No matter where you fall…

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