The Most Common Injuries in Golf… and How ANY Golfer Can Avoid Them


Over the past month in this column, you’ve read about common elbow injuries usually caused by activities such as tennis or computer usage. But how about taking a seemingly effortless walk on the grass and hitting a few balls along the way? Injuries in golf are very common. But the problem with golf is that…

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Tendonitis: How Resting Will Make It Worse


Let’s get started on this weeks topic…. Tendonitis. I’ve had a few cases of tendonitis this past month and they’ve got three things in common… There’s a weakness in the muscle or one of the surrounding muscles, lots of tension and overuse. All of these affect each other and one will cause the other to…

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What You Can Do Right Now About Your Elbow Pain

Tight Elbows

Whether you’re dealing with tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow or any other names for this general condition, having elbow and high forearm pain can interfere a lot in everyday life. After all, elbows are involved everytime you lift something and when it triggers a pain response everytime, it can be really disheartening. Try as you…

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Isn’t Tennis Elbow Just For Tennis Players?

Tennis Elbow Keyboard

Although the term tennis elbow clearly originated from people hitting tennis balls around, the condition should be termed “computer elbow” at this point. These days, it’s more commonly caused by computer usage. Tennis elbow would best be described as a repetitive strain injury, which is ultimately induced by repetitive motions, leading to chronic exhaustion of…

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