Maximize your results with Shockwave Therapy by combining it with other modalities for sensational benefits and transformative effects

shockwave therapy

Have you ever heard of Shockwave Therapy? Perhaps you’ve come across it in discussions about treating various medical conditions, but you’re not quite sure what it entails or if it’s effective. As a physical therapist, I’ll admit I had my doubts at first. But after witnessing its transformative effects firsthand, I can confidently say that…

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Regenerative Therapy: Explore the Top 5 Benefits of Our Services


Unlock the transformative benefits of our advanced regenerative services.  Last November 17th 2023, we had our Patient Appreciation Event where we gave out free trial treatments of shockwave, EMTT, Red Light, PEMF, and assisted stretch. The only way to know if these treatments are right for them is to give them a try. If you’ve…

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13 Ways To Relieve Ache and Pain


What can you do when you feel ache and pain in your body?   Over my 13-year career as a PT, treating thousands of patients over the age of 50, you can imagine how many conversations I’ve had with patients about their aches and pain.  One conversation that comes up very regularly is when a…

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Don’t get Caught in Tendon-Confusion! The Difference Between Tendonitis and Tendonosis Explained


Many have either suffered from tendinitis or at least heard of it. But have you ever heard of TENDINOSIS? If you’ve ever suffered from tendonitis – then you know that it can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months! What is the difference between Tendonitis and Tendonosis? Tendonitis is an acute, short-term, inflammatory…

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3 Simple Ways To Relieve Tendonitis In the Elbow (Even if you don’t play Tennis)

Elbow tendonitis is a common condition that we see in our clinic. Many patients come in saying they have stiffness and pain outside their elbow. It may be stopping them from playing sports, lifting the laundry basket, or doing the dishes. In this article, you will learn what elbow tendonitis is, what are common symptoms,…

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Elbow Pain? 3 Simple Exercises for Elbow Pain Relief

Elbow Pain is very common and frustrating to treat because of how nagging the pain can be.  This blog post will introduce you to the necessary anatomy, and break down the symptoms and conditions normally experienced with pain associated with the elbow. The Anatomy of the elbow The elbow is made up of three bones:…

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How To Prevent Elbow Pain With Pickleball or Tennis

Getting relief from irritating elbow pain that extends all the way down to your wrists and hands and be very scary to deal with.  Inflammation can occur when obvious stress or overuse is noticeable.  To prevent elbow pain when playing pickleball or any other racquet sport you should take a look at your swing form…

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Tennis Elbow Isn’t just For Tennis Players

Tennis Elbow

Isn’t Tennis Elbow just for tennis players? Although the term tennis elbow clearly originated from people hitting tennis balls, the condition should be termed “computer elbow” at this point. These days, it’s more commonly caused by computer usage. Tennis elbow would best be described as a repetitive strain injury, which is ultimately induced by repetitive…

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How Do You Prevent Elbow Pain?

Elbow Joint

When considering joint health, there are several standouts that come to mind first, namely the shoulders, knees, and neck. One joint that is integral to a person’s functional ability, which is quite often overlooked, is the condition of your elbow health. The elbow is one of those things that tend to be taken for granted…

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How Do You Treat Tendonitis?


At Preferred Physical Therapy we often get patients coming to us with a diagnosis of tendonitis in some form which in some cases is accurate, but often this isn’t completely accurate. Often patients have overuse injuries in their tendons related to an overload of the surrounding area versus an area that is just inflamed. The…

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