Overcoming Shoulder Pain from Sleeping: Your Guide to Comfortable Rest

Are restless nights making you dread bedtime? Does the thought of tossing and turning with shoulder pain fill you with anxiety? You’re not alone. Shoulder pain from sleeping is a common plight that robs many active adults of the restful slumber they need and deserve. The Emotional Toll of Sleep Disrupted by Shoulder Pain There’s…

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Shoulder Pain Treatment at Home: Your Active Lifestyle Guide

Shoulder Pain Treatment at Home

If you’re carrying the invisible burden that is shoulder pain, make a start on your shoulder pain treatment at home effectively with this expert guide. Shoulder pain creeps up on you – a deep, nagging ache that suddenly turns into a sharp, shooting pain with a simple reach or twist. For the active adult, especially those…

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Regenerative Therapy: Explore the Top 5 Benefits of Our Services


Unlock the transformative benefits of our advanced regenerative services.  Last November 17th 2023, we had our Patient Appreciation Event where we gave out free trial treatments of shockwave, EMTT, Red Light, PEMF, and assisted stretch. The only way to know if these treatments are right for them is to give them a try. If you’ve…

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Pinched Nerve Pain: Understanding the Real Cause so you can Finally get Relief

pinched nerve

Understanding the irritating stabbing sensation you feel in between or under the shoulder blades is often thought of as a pinched nerve. People will spend lots of time and money trying to massage out the knots and tight muscles in their upper back trying to relieve it only to find the pain returns within a…

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Combined Therapy: An Effective Approach For Accelerated Recovery


My mission in opening Preferred Physical Therapy was to help people make better decisions about their health so they can have joy in their journey by avoiding a reliance on pills, injections, and avoiding surgery.   To do this, I’ve been dedicated to learning the techniques and skills necessary as a physical therapist to give my…

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How can I relieve neck pain at home? Ft. Dr. Andrew Minkley, MD from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians | Episode 25

neck pain

❓What can you do to relieve neck pain? In today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Dr Andrew Minkley, MD. He is a physiatrist from Desert Spine and Sports Physicians. He focused on restoring function and working creatively with people across the spectrum of ability to help them achieve their goals.   💎…

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13 Ways To Relieve Ache and Pain


What can you do when you feel ache and pain in your body?   Over my 13-year career as a PT, treating thousands of patients over the age of 50, you can imagine how many conversations I’ve had with patients about their aches and pain.  One conversation that comes up very regularly is when a…

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Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50


The Sneaky Culprit Behind Joint Stiffness: Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50  As a physical therapist who’s all about helping people over 40 stay active and independent, I’d like to talk about a topic that often sneaks up on us as we age and forces many people to think “There’s nothing you…

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How much exercise do I need?

old person's exercise

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? I recently spoke to a 62-year-old woman who came in to see me because she had pain in both shoulders that was getting increasingly worse over the past 2 years. She tried some stretches but still got her low-grade ache at night. It was one of those pains…

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Don’t get Caught in Tendon-Confusion! The Difference Between Tendonitis and Tendonosis Explained


Many have either suffered from tendinitis or at least heard of it. But have you ever heard of TENDINOSIS? If you’ve ever suffered from tendonitis – then you know that it can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months! What is the difference between Tendonitis and Tendonosis? Tendonitis is an acute, short-term, inflammatory…

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