Shoulder Pain: Simple Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk to Maintain a Healthy Posture

Sometimes, it can surprise us how the smallest things in life can actually affect our health. Small things like wearing that heavy bag on the same shoulder everyday, or that terrible posture that began at work, but so desperately want to get rid of. That’s right… it all adds up. Today I’ll be going over…

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Neck Pain: Quick Tips To Keep A Stiff Neck From Creeping Up On You

TV Posture

Let’s talk about one of the most common things that people aged 40+ who come to see me experience…. The sudden onset of shoulder and neck tension. Many times it sneaks up on people without warning! There’s often no explanation as to why you might wake up with an annoying, nagging neck one day, that…

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Is It Safe to Exercise With A Bad Back?

Let’s talk about exercise and back pain… Last week one of my patients came to me with a question, and it’s one that we get asked often: “Is it OK to exercise when my back is hurting? I just got into a routine of going to the gym and working out 3 times a week,…

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The Importance Of Being Kind To Your Knees

Knee Care

As we get older, it seems like the goal of keeping our bodies active, mobile and pain free becomes more and more important. But with all of the effort that we put into maintaining this goal, there’s one part that is often overlooked and ignored for far too long. Our Knees… I have noticed that…

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How To Begin Your Fitness Journey


If you’re like me, you’re quickly beginning to feel the pressures that come with the month of January. December Is Gone And Now The Time Has Come To Focus On Those New Year Resolutions And, More Often Than Not, The Goal Is To Get Fit! Every year, I hear my patients talk about how they’ve…

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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Healthy Habits in the New Year

Healthy Food

Are you ready for the new year? 2018 will be here before you know it and although this past month has been full of errands, sweet treats and lots of lounging around, it will all be over soon! Going back to reality can stink, but it can be even worse if you end up falling…

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Why People Are More Prone to Injuries Around the Holidays

Beer and Water

Christmas is quickly approaching and soon the office holiday parties and social gatherings will commence.This usually involves lots of drinks, good food, desserts and running additional errands to prep for out of town house guests (I mean, have you seen Costco…). With all of these holiday celebrations, it can be tempting to put aside some…

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Stress Relief During The Holidays

Holiday Stress

The Holiday season is upon us! It’s the most magical time of the year, but do you ever feel as though it’s difficult to get in the cheerful spirit with all of the tasks that need to get done? Indeed, it’s that time of year where the gifts get giving and the stress levels get…

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Cooler Weather Leads to Arthritis and Low back Pain

Cold Arizona

As of last week, we’re starting to get some cooler weather in the mornings and late evenings. Who has experienced someone telling them that when the weather gets colder, their aches get worse? I’ve already started to hear the conversations from patients that they’re experiencing a few aches and pains since the weather changing and…

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6 Great Things to Do in Phoenix Without Low Back Pain

Phoenix is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From amazing and challenging hiking trails, attractions to visit with the kids or grandkids to parks that offer a range of different activities. There’s something for everyone. Living in Phoenix means you can walk and hike through mountain ranges, see beautiful scenery and…

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