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Research shows that the right exercises can help sedentary folks dramatically improve their strength and balance at any age or ability level.


I’m excited to share a truly inspiring story of one of our valued clients, Chuck, who has made remarkable progress on his path to better balance, health and well-being through our Preferred Stretch and Fitness Program.

Chuck’s journey began last year when his wife expressed growing concern about his balance after he had experienced a couple of falls.

He had been relying on a cane everywhere he went and even needed a walker at night.

Despite her being a healthy and active individual, she found herself in a situation where she couldn’t help him up from the floor, leaving Chuck feeling fragile and dependent.

However, Chuck (and maybe mostly his wife) had enough of feeling this way.

They were determined to find relief from fear and frustration. They decided to embarked on a journey to regain his balance and confidence.

After seeing his doctor, he was recommended to start physical therapy for balance training. During his time in physical therapy, he made significant strides, thanks to his unwavering commitment.

But Chuck didn’t want to stop there. He recognized the importance of maintaining his progress and continuing to improve his overall well-being. That’s when he decided to enroll in our Preferred Stretch and Fitness Program, a comprehensive program tailored to individual needs.

Chuck’s journey in our fitness program included a functional capacity exam, which helped us identify areas that needed improvement and set clear goals for what he wanted to achieve.

His primary objectives were to regain his independence, eliminate his reliance on a cane, enhance his balance, and increase his flexibility.

Now, after several months in our fitness program, Chuck couldn’t be happier with his results. He rarely uses his cane, mostly relying on it only at night when lighting conditions are less favorable.

Chuck’s progress is truly inspiring, as he can now put his knuckles on the ground, a feat that seemed impossible not long ago, and at 6 foot 2 inches is quite a feat.

His newfound confidence is evident as he navigates crowded places in public without hesitation.  And his wife… she couldn’t be happier seeing him regain confidence in his mobility and independence. 

Chuck’s success story is a testament to the power of dedication, the importance of tailored fitness programs, and the remarkable progress that can be achieved at any age.

We’re proud to have been a part of Chuck’s journey to improved balance, confidence, and overall well-being. 

Check out this video of him doing some of his exercises.

Chuck isn’t the only one having success with our program since starting.  Here is what a few of our other clients had to say:

Robin: “I have never been as flexible as I am now, I can put my leg on the bed to stretch my hip and touch my nose to the bed!” 

Victoria: “after the 1st stretch, my leg felt normal! That night it felt like my knee was touching the bed”.  “I like the one on one training session because its nice to have a cheerleader and someone to hold me accountable” 

Jany: “ I feel so much stronger in my body and my mind after starting fitness” 

Fadhil (in reference to his stretch sessions): “I came in for my shoulder and after 2 stretches it feels so much better”, “everybody needs this, not just people who work out” 

Jim (in reference to his stretch sessions): “last time I had you work my neck, jaw, and face- I had great relief, no jaw pain and my earache went away. My neck also felt great!”

Debbie: after shockwave she said she feels like her knee is getting stronger; is way more confident stepping over things in the house.

Lauri: “I feel like I am getting stronger! In the morning when my neuropathy is at its worst it’s getting easier to get going and to get up. I lost balance the other day and I was able to catch myself. I also used to have coldness in my feet because of the lack of feeling and I no longer have that!” 

If you or someone you know is looking to enhance their quality of life through our programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you on your path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.


If you want to get started on your Fitness Journey, join our Fitness Program now and stay active!

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