What are Biomarkers and how they are used?


biomarkersThe Blueprint to Healthy Living: How Biomarkers Pave the Way to a Vibrant Life Beyond 40

One of our goals is to help people create quality of life goals for their next 1-2 decades of life. Meaning, let’s define what ability you want to preserve and ensure you can do for the next 1-2 decades.

In this pursuit, understanding your body’s inner workings is invaluable. 


I’m going to talk about an article one of my past patients, “Tom”, sent me. “Tom” has been in a few times for a few different things and I am amazed at how good his health is. He came in recently because he goes on walks with his wife and he’s noticing he’s having a hard time keeping up with her!  


He was getting fatigued faster and couldn’t walk as quickly as she could, and not like he could before.  

Often, we see this is how it works.  We commonly see females preserve their health longer than men.  Usually because females are more willing to get medical help sooner than men (the ol’ “just stop and ask for directions!” dilemma.)  But Tom was not going to let this be his story.


I want to be like “Tom” when I grow up. He came in for an evaluation and we found his balance leg strength was falling below his age acceptable normal levels. After a few weeks of strengthening and balancing work, he was good to go.

So “Tom” sent me this article about how people who live to 100 have these 3 common markers in their blood. The markers are called Biomarkers.


Biomarkers are like minerals in water. Biomarkers are any substance found in the blood like proteins, cells, hormones, nutrients, and enzymes that are measured in a blood test. You can’t see them but they can tell you about the quality of your health and wellness routine and provide us with a roadmap to health and longevity. 

The Biomarker Revolution:

Biomarkers are like the breadcrumbs that lead us to better health. They are measurable indicators that provide essential information about the state of our bodies. From cholesterol levels to vitamin deficiencies, these markers reflect our internal health landscape. Biomarkers are like minerals in water. 

Biomarkers are any substance found in the blood like proteins, cells, hormones, nutrients, and enzymes that are measured in a blood test. 

You can’t see them but they can tell you about the quality of your health and wellness routine and provide us with a roadmap to health and longevity. 


One of the most compelling aspects of biomarkers is their personalization. They don’t deliver generic health advice; instead, they offer a tailored approach. For individuals over 40, this is especially crucial because health needs can vary widely.

Unlocking the Potential of Biomarkers:

#1. Proactive Health Management:

The idea of living to 100 is appealing but not to everyone. Especially if those years are uncomfortable, immobile, and dependent.  But it’s not just about adding years of life it’s about adding life to the years. Biomarkers act as early warning systems, allowing us to identify potential health issues before they become critical. For those over 40, this proactive approach can be a game-changer in the quest to maintain an active and pain-free life for the next 1-2 decades.

#2. Fine-Tuning Nutrition:

As we age, our bodies’ nutritional needs evolve. Comprehensive blood tests can highlight deficiencies or imbalances in vitamins and minerals. Armed with this information, we can fine-tune our diets and identify which supplements to use to ensure our bodies receive the nutrients necessary to thrive.

#3. Inflammation Management:

Inflammation is often a silent troublemaker behind various health problems. Biomarkers can provide insights into markers of inflammation, helping us take steps to mitigate it and keep discomfort at bay.


Evidence from Medical News Today: The article “Tom” sent me. In a [Medical News Today article](https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/living-to-100-common-blood-test) and this blog post from Inside Tracker the importance of common blood tests in extending our lifespan is highlighted.

It reinforces the idea that understanding our biomarkers is a key to unlocking a longer, healthier life. This underscores that we’re not alone in recognizing the power of biomarkers in achieving optimal health.


In conclusion, biomarkers, as unveiled by comprehensive blood tests, are a compass that guides us toward vibrant and active living, especially as we age. They enable proactive health management, personalized nutrition, and inflammation control. 


Interested in what your biomarkers say?

I’ve partnered up with a company called Inside Tracker to do just that.  If you go to their website you can buy a plan to have your blood sampled and the results reported back to you. Use this coupon code for 25% OFF (PREFERREDPRO25). Using this coupon code will give me a small commission and you the opportunity to share your results with me.

Sharing the results is not automatic. This way we can help you navigate interpreting the results to make specific changes and do a re-test in 3-12 months to see if you’re making progress. 


I recommend the Ultimate bundle with Inner Age, that’s what I got. If you had a recent blood draw, they might be able to use that.


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