Can A Desk Job Cause Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain comes from past injuries and daily life activities one may partake in. Sometimes it may even come out of nowhere or just by doing the simplest thing like reaching for a cup. Oftentimes shoulder pain is overlooked because the pain can be disguised as coming from the back or neck. Yes, indeed shoulder…

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How To Easily Release Shoulder Tension

Neck Tension

Shoulder tension may result from sitting at a desk, overuse, stress, and sleeping in an incorrect position. We tend to hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and in return hunch over or make a lot of postural changes throughout the day. In this article, you will find out if your shoulders affect your…

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Shoulder Injuries: Causes, Injuries, and Treatments

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is made up of several joints and muscles that allow you to have a wide range of motion in your arm. It consists of your upper-arm bones (humerus), shoulder blades (scapula), and the collarbone (clavicle) meet. Each is held in place by a group of four muscles called your rotator cuff. The rotator…

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Knee Pain When Squatting

Knee Pain Squatting

Are you left feeling weak in the knees with pain? If you squat to lift weights or just squat down in general, this repetitive motion can be known to cause pain. You may be feeling this sort of pain due to the mechanics in how you squat. You can bend down or squat and hurt…

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Tips On How To Improve Knee Pain

Knee Lunges

Knee pain can be brought on by any daily activity one does. Knee pain is very commonly related to repeated stress on the knee such as walking, hiking, kneeling, bending, etc. You may be struggling with knee pain and are tired of trying to figure out ways you can improve your knee pain. Some things…

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3 Types of Injuries Physical Therapy Treats

Physical therapy can be very beneficial when you’re suffering from any injury. Physical therapy can help someone to regain strength, improve mobility and range of motion. Why Would I Go To Physical Therapy For An Injury? Wherever you are experiencing pain, physical therapy can help improve that area’s range of motion and strength. Physical therapy…

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What Helps With Muscle Recovery?

The main way to maximize your overall muscle recovery is by living a fairly healthy lifestyle. You do not need expensive supplements to maintain your lifestyle and to see the best benefits. Sticking to the basics is a perfect way to help muscle recovery and you don’t have to spend so much money on supplements.…

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Lower Back Pain Relief

What Causes Lower Back Pain? A common way one may get back pain is a muscle strain, poor posture over time, lifting heavy things, and sports injuries. When you try to lift heavy weights too soon at the gym or when you do a sudden movement and you feel a strain in your back muscles.…

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Physical Therapy For Carpal Tunnel

Carpel Tunnel

Since covid working from home has turned into a full-time position. With working on the computer your wrist may be more flexed upwards causing tension on your wrist. What is carpal tunnel? Carpal tunnel is caused when there is pressure on the median nerve. This nerve runs from your hand to your neck. The carpal…

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What Can You Do For Vertigo?


Vertigo can be treated and many times will go away on its own. Here are some ways you can treat it. What is Vertigo? Vertigo is a feeling of a sudden spinning sensation where you feel like you or the area around you is spinning. The sudden feeling of dizziness often originates from the change…

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