5 Effective Exercises For A Better Brain Function

brain exercises

Can you really stop your memory from deteriorating? What exercise can you do to have better brain function even at over 50? “Who was I just telling this to… oh it will come to me later.” I love to hear stories my patients share with me throughout the day.  At some point during our conversation,…

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Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50


The Sneaky Culprit Behind Joint Stiffness: Osteoarthritis and How It Affects Your Flexibility After 50  As a physical therapist who’s all about helping people over 40 stay active and independent, I’d like to talk about a topic that often sneaks up on us as we age and forces many people to think “There’s nothing you…

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How To Identify Age-related Aches And Pains?

aches and pains

How to know if your aches and pains are age-related or not. Is it just because I am getting old? Nearly every patient I see over the age of 55 with chronic joint pain will ask me “Is there anything you can do for (this injury), or is it just me getting old?” While it…

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How The 3 Common Myths About Exercise And The Elderly Affect Quality Life

exercise and the elderly

There are several commonly held myths and misconceptions about exercise and the elderly that can hinder progress and discourage individuals from pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I ran across this post on social media last week and it triggered me. I have 4 boys aged 18, 16, 14, and 12. One day they will have kids…

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2 Easy Physical Fitness Tests for Older Adults

physical fitness tests

Stay Active and Independent: 2 Easy At-Home Physical Fitness Tests for Over 55   The other day I was talking to a patient who was getting frustrated with how slow she was walking. “I used to walk so much faster and now I’m having a hard time keeping up with my walking group,” she told…

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9 reasons why staying social is vitally important as we age

staying social

Here are 9 reasons why staying social is vitally important as we age. Oh, let’s talk about the importance of staying social as you age! Imagine friendships as little rays of sunshine that keep your life’s garden blooming. It’s not just about having someone to chat with; staying social has some real-deal benefits that can…

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The Positive Side of Aging: How to deal with getting older


Have you ever felt that “getting older is the worst”? Wished you thought it was a gift? Is there really a positive side to aging? Something I used to hear my patients say in my former clinic with so many dealing with age-related joint pain is some form of  “aging is the worst”! “It sucks…

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Why is exercise worth it?

is exercise worth it

  One obstacle a lot of older adults face as they consider starting exercise programs is wondering whether or not is exercise worth it. Wondering if putting in all the work at the possibility of getting stronger will even make a difference or said differently, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” Because it’s a lot…

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How much exercise do I need?

old person's exercise

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? I recently spoke to a 62-year-old woman who came in to see me because she had pain in both shoulders that was getting increasingly worse over the past 2 years. She tried some stretches but still got her low-grade ache at night. It was one of those pains…

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Top 5 benefits of exercise for people over 55

benefits of exercise

What are the benefits of exercise? “I just hate exercise, and I hate that I hate exercise.” A patient recently told me when I was asking about how she was doing with her home exercises. We both shared a laugh.  But then she said, “No but seriously, if I had just been better about exercising…

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