What Actually Is A Bursitis?


I have recently been seeing quite a few clients suffering from bursitis, but very few actually know what bursitis is.   Now to understand a little about bursitis and why people get it you first need to know exactly what a bursae is. A bursae is a fluid filled sac (think of them as tiny…

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Sitting: What do I HAVE to Know About it to Help Me Stay Healthy?

Sitting Healthy

Here’s a habit that every single one of us is doing daily… It’s something we spend, on average, almost nine hours doing – and that’s not taking into account the eight hours we spend lying down sleeping… Have you guessed it? It’s sitting. And I bet while you’re sat down reading this you might be…

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Why Your Ankle Pain Keeps Coming Back And How To Ease It

Foot and Ankle Pain

Here’s my latest post on why your ankle pain keeps coming back and how to ease it The Achilles tendon sits at the back of your heel and is also the thickest tendon in your body. A lot of the time if someone asks about ankle pain, it tends to be related to this tendon.…

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Why Walking In Autumn Can Make You Feel Healthier & Happier

Let’s talk about Autumn. And the number one thing that most people stop doing when this time of year comes round – getting outdoors. While other states have summer to spend a lot of time outside, for us, it starts in Autumn.  It is the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air (in fact, it…

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After An Injury, Do I Run… Or Rest?

Run or Rest

I see many people not giving themselves the best chance of staying active and healthy, simply because they don’t receive the best advice – and that’s unfortunate. So I’d like to take a moment to address a question that is commonly asked of me; One that I think is vitally important to make understood. ===…

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6 Shoe Mistakes that Could be Causing your Foot Pain

Shoe Pile

If you’ve ever hobbled off of the dance floor at a wedding with your heels in hand, or ever found yourself looking forward to the moment you go home after a long day spent in meetings so that you can slip your new pain of work shoes off- you’ll know that shoes can easily cause…

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Plantar Fasciitis: How to Limit it and Avoid Other Ankle Injuries or Pain…

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is much easier to explain than it is to pronounce. So I’ll try my best: It’s basically an injury which you’d recognize from a very sharp ‘pin prick’ like pain underneath your foot. It can come from too much running, having a long term problem with an Achilles tendon that wasn’t properly fixed,…

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What To Do To Keep Up With Exercise- Even If You’re Having Problems With Arthritic Hips And Knees


One of the biggest health mistakes that people make during these cooler fall months is to think that walking or jogging is the only way to exercise while enjoying the fresh air. Yet, the health benefits of doing something like cycling are endless. Cycling regularly can help improve physical fitness, ease stress (due to the…

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Why Knee Pain Gets Worse When You Exercise and How to Ease it

Knee Pain

I got this question sent to me yesterday by a concerned reader of my knee report… ===== “Hey Nick, I’ve been suffering with a pain in my right knee now for a few weeks. What I can’t put my finger on is what started it in the first place, what’s even more confusing is that…

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3 Quick Fixes You Think Help Knee Pain- But Don’t

Knee Pain

A patient walked into my clinic last week, limping with knee pain, asking: “I’ve had this knee pain for a few weeks now, and I’m not sure what I’ve done to it. I’ve tried taking some pain killers and it hasn’t helped”. I was trying to rest it so that it wouldn’t hurt, but whenever…

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