Dry Needling VS Acupuncture

Dry Needling

Dry needling can treat an enormous range of conditions, from muscular pain to carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis. What is a Trigger Point? Trigger point dry needling is a treatment for muscular tightness and spasms which commonly follow injuries and often accompany the degenerative processes. Thin, solid filament needles are inserted into the muscle’s trigger…

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Neck Pain at the Base of My Neck

Neck Pain

It’s aggravating to experience neck pain when trying to do your daily tasks and activities. Even when you are trying to get some rest you still have that sharp pain bugging you. It can be frustrating when your painful neck pain doesn’t seem to want to go away. You may wonder to yourself, is it…

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How Do I Treat Knee Pain At Home? 4 Easy Treatments You Can Do Today!

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Knee pain can affect anyone of any age. You could have gotten knee pain from an injury, or have other medical conditions concerning your knees such as arthritis. There are many different types of knee pain. Having minor pain in the knee may be able to be solved with self-care measures or physical…

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Why is Shoulder Stability Important?

Shoulder Stability

Why the shoulder blades are crucial for stability in our shoulder and how the rotator cuff helps. What Is Shoulder Stability? Often when talking about stability in your shoulder people mention the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a series of 4 muscles and does play a big part when it comes to stability. However,…

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2 Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

If you are experiencing shoulder pain out of nowhere and do not know why it is occurring. These exercises may be perfect to help to ease shoulder pain. Why am I Experiencing Shoulder Pain? Do you ever just wake up and have shoulder pain? You have no idea where it came from or why it’s…

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How Do I Stop Having Back Pain At Night?

Back Pain

In this blog, you’ll learn some ways to sleep better when struggling with lower back pain, shoulder pain, and even neck pain. Lower back pain can be caused by many things and believe it or not, there are sleeping positions for lower back pain that can help to reduce the pain. Yes. Certain sleep positions…

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Do I need an MRI for low back pain?

MRI Scan

When Do I Need An MRI for Low Back Pain? I had another patient tell me on the phone they are waiting to start physical therapy until they get an MRI, because “that way you’ll know what to treat.” I see the logic in this patient’s thinking. It makes sense. How could we possibly know…

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Voted “3 Best Physical Therapist In Glendale, Az”

Best PT

I never had a goal to be rated one of the best physical therapists in Glendale Arizona. I have always found the criterion and standards to be voted “the Best” of anything to be narrow scope. Everyone has their own criteria. It was my goal to be one of the most compassionate. Again, I’m not…

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Sciatica Symptoms In Leg

We’ve been seeing lots of patients at our clinic Preferred Physical Therapy in Arizona with extreme back pain caused by sciatica, with pain shooting down the back of their legs. Check out this new low back pain program that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Low Back Pain Elimination Course. Do…

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Neck Pain Disturbing Your Sleep? 3 Tips To Get Relief

Stiff Neck

Are you experiencing neck pain and looking for tips to help loosen a stiff neck? People are doing a lot of different things now post-pandemic, bringing new aches and pains. We’ve been talking to patients in the clinic that have been experiencing new pains from… Playing with kids all day, picking them up more frequently,…

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