Why Core Weakness May Be Causing Your Low Back Pain

Core Strength

Have you ever heard the saying “You need to strengthen your core.”? I’m sure we all have! We all could benefit from strengthening our core, and here’s why: Having a strong core does not only mean having “six-pack abs” or looking good on the beach. Your core is not only what you see on the…

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Benefits of Regular Stretching Routine


I often hear from people that they don’t need to stretch because they will never be flexible or because it’s boring and they would rather go biking, hiking, etc. Other people have good intentions, but often find less and less time to get a regular stretching routine into their day. And I get it! It’s…

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How Physical Activity Impacts Brain Function

Brain Function

We have all heard the recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, based off of the U.S. department of Health and Human Services. Some of us may reach that two and a half hours worth throughout the week, while some of us struggle to get that time in. No matter where you…

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Ways To Overcome Workout Inconsistency

If you are like me, this time that we are in has thrown my schedules, especially my workout routines, for a loop. I am an early morning-go getter who likes to beat the crowds at the gym by starting my workouts around 5 AM. These workouts would start my day off right with increased energy…

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Great Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate at Home

Home Exercise

A lot of people have a difficult time staying motivated to exercise at home, especially with gyms being closed… there being no sports or activities… not having family or friends nearby… and a house full of snacks. So what are we going to do? There are a ton of different things that you can do…

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Yoga at Home? No way.

Yoga at Home

I often hear from people that they think yoga could be beneficial for them, but they just don’t know where to start. Other comments include “I’m not flexible enough”, “I can’t afford to go to a fancy studio”, or “I’ll just do some stretches at home to improve my flexibility since that’s what yoga is…

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Benefits of Working Out at Home

Home Workouts

Have you found yourself spending more time at home recently? With recent guidelines mandating to stay indoors as much as possible for the foreseeable future, along with closures of most fitness classes and gyms, it is easy to become a little lost as far as how to continue your health and wellness journey. Whether you…

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Telehealth: Current and Future Benefits


What is telehealth and why are we hearing so much about it now? Telehealth is the use of electronic communication to provide healthcare services from remote locations. This has been around for quite a while and some of you may even have utilized these services with your physician or other healthcare professional in the past.…

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Flattening the Curve: A Success Story


Springtime is here and the weather is finally perfect for all your outdoor activities. Everyone should be outside in the sunshine, but instead, we are staying inside our homes and practicing social distancing. Coronavirus 2019 or Covid-19 has many of us stressed out and unsure of how to cope with the recommendations to help flatten…

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The Most Common Injuries in Golf and How ANY Golfer Can Avoid Them

Shoulder Injury

Over the past month, you’ve read about common shoulder injuries typically caused by daily activities and poor posture. But how about taking a seemingly effortless walk on the grass and hitting a few balls along the way? Injuries in golf are extremely common. But the problem with golf is that most people who play it…

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