Easy Exercises To Strengthen The Elbow And Reduce Pain

Strengthen Elbow

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How to Avoid Common Repetitive Use Injuries…

Repetitive Use Injury

Over the past month we’ve been discussing common injuries of the elbow… and a lot of them tend to stem from repetitive injuries. So, what exactly is a ‘repetitive use injury’? Many patients will come into our clinic with this type of injury and wonder “how” or “why”. Or when they have been told they…

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The Best Stretches To Relieve Stress Related Headaches


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Top Exercises To Relieve Arthritic Hip Pain

Arthritic Hip

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Exercise Ball Therapy For Low Back Pain

Exercise Ball

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Why Core Weakness May Be Causing Your Low Back Pain

Core Strength

Have you ever heard the saying “You need to strengthen your core.”? I’m sure we all have! We all could benefit from strengthening our core, and here’s why: Having a strong core does not only mean having “six-pack abs” or looking good on the beach. Your core is not only what you see on the…

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Great Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate at Home

Home Exercise

A lot of people have a difficult time staying motivated to exercise at home, especially with gyms being closed… there being no sports or activities… not having family or friends nearby… and a house full of snacks. So what are we going to do? There are a ton of different things that you can do…

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Endurance Training… In Your Living Room # 2


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Yoga Poses To Help With Balance

At Home Yoga

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Seated Exercises To Release Tension In The Neck And Shoulders

Seated Exercises

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