Easy Exercises To Strengthen The Elbow And Reduce Pain

Strengthen Elbow

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What Is a Strain Injury?

Repetitive Use Injury

Over the past month, we’ve been discussing common injuries of the elbow… and a lot of them tend to stem from a strain injury. So, what exactly is a ‘repetitive use injury? Many patients will come into our clinic with this type of injury and wonder “how” or “why”. Or when they have been told…

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Stretches To Relieve Stress Headaches


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Top Exercises To Relieve Arthritic Hip Pain

Arthritic Hip

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Exercise Ball Therapy For Low Back Pain

Exercise Ball

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Can A Weak Core Cause Back Pain?

Core Strength

Have you ever heard the saying “You need to strengthen your core.”? Why do I want a strong core for my lower back pain? Having a strong core does not only mean having “six-pack abs” or looking good on the beach. Your core is not only what you see on the front of your stomach,…

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Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate at Home

Home Exercise

A lot of people have a difficult time staying motivated to exercise at home, especially with gyms being closed… there being no sports or activities… not having family or friends nearby… and a house full of snacks. So what are we going to do? There are a ton of different things that you can do…

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Endurance Training. In Your Living Room # 2


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Yoga Poses To Help With Balance

At Home Yoga

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Seated Exercises To Release Tension In The Neck And Shoulders

Seated Exercises

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