Why Knee Pain Gets Worse While Exercising


With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, it’s no surprise when I get an influx of new patients at my clinic with complaints about knee pain around this time of year. Why? Most people tend to take up a more active lifestyle in order to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Those who are new to working…

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The Importance Of Being Kind To Your Knees

Knee Care

As we get older, it seems like the goal of keeping our bodies active, mobile and pain free becomes more and more important. But with all of the effort that we put into maintaining this goal, there’s one part that is often overlooked and ignored for far too long. Our Knees… I have noticed that…

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Is Walking Bad For My Knees?

Have you ever experienced knee pain? It can slow you down, irritate you as you walk up and down the stairs, cause you pain when you bend down and ultimately leave you frustrated and wondering if it’s ever going to wear off. If you’ve experienced any of this, you’re not alone. Knee pain is one…

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How To Begin Your Fitness Journey


If you’re like me, you’re quickly beginning to feel the pressures that come with the month of January. December Is Gone And Now The Time Has Come To Focus On Those New Year Resolutions And, More Often Than Not, The Goal Is To Get Fit! Every year, I hear my patients talk about how they’ve…

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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Healthy Habits in the New Year

Healthy Food

Are you ready for the new year? 2018 will be here before you know it and although this past month has been full of errands, sweet treats and lots of lounging around, it will all be over soon! Going back to reality can stink, but it can be even worse if you end up falling…

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Why People Are More Prone to Injuries Around the Holidays

Beer and Water

Christmas is quickly approaching and soon the office holiday parties and social gatherings will commence.This usually involves lots of drinks, good food, desserts and running additional errands to prep for out of town house guests (I mean, have you seen Costco…). With all of these holiday celebrations, it can be tempting to put aside some…

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Travel During The Holidays


Traveling during the holidays can, without a doubt, be dreadful. Some people even miss out on seeing their families over the holiday season because they just can’t handle sitting down for the duration of the trip. We encounter many people who have traveled to another state, whether it may be by car or by plane,…

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

The two main types of pain that arise in the shoulder region include acute pain brought on by a sudden action and chronic pain that has built up over time and is persistent. Acute pain can be caused by an accident such as falling, being in a collision, or lifting too much at the gym…

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Stress Relief During The Holidays

Holiday Stress

The Holiday season is upon us! It’s the most magical time of the year, but do you ever feel as though it’s difficult to get in the cheerful spirit with all of the tasks that need to get done? Indeed, it’s that time of year where the gifts get giving and the stress levels get…

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3 ‘Quick Fixes’ Commonly Used You THINK Help Knee Pain – But Don’t

Knee Pain

A patient came into the clinic last week limping with knee pain and asked: “I’ve had this knee pain for a few weeks now, I’m not sure what I’ve done to it but I’ve tried taking pain meds prescribed by the doc but that didn’t help. I was trying to rest it so that it…

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