Yoga at Home? No way.

Yoga at Home

I often hear from people that they think yoga could be beneficial for them, but they just don’t know where to start. Other comments include “I’m not flexible enough”, “I can’t afford to go to a fancy studio”, or “I’ll just do some stretches at home to improve my flexibility since that’s what yoga is…

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Benefits of Working Out at Home

Home Workouts

Have you found yourself spending more time at home recently? With recent guidelines mandating to stay indoors as much as possible for the foreseeable future, along with closures of most fitness classes and gyms, it is easy to become a little lost as far as how to continue your health and wellness journey. Whether you…

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Simple Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk to Maintain a Healthy Posture

Desk Stretch

Sometimes it can surprise us how the smallest things in life can actually affect our health. Small things like wearing a heavy bag on the same shoulder every day, or the terrible posture you have from work, but so desperately want to get rid of. That’s right… it all adds up. Today we’ll be going…

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How to Ease Ankle Pain as Soon as it Strikes, and Return to Exercise Safely

Ankle Pain

Sometimes it happens… You’re out on a run, enjoying the pace. You finally feel like you can run a little farther than you did last time, then all of a sudden- OUCH! Something in your ankle doesn’t feel quite right… So you slow down, give it a stretch, and give running another attempt, but nope!…

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How to Begin Your Fitness Journey

Exercise Goals

These extra pounds could even be contributing to any back pain, knee pain, hip pain, etc. They want to begin exercising, but state “I’ve tried working out in the past, but quickly injured myself as a result”. We hear the hesitance in their voice, understandably so, and ultimately the question becomes what, where and how…

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5 Reasons Why Running When It’s Cold Is Good For You

Winter Running

We’re going to guess that you’re reading this article because you enjoy running (or know someone who does)… Or you’ve read the title and thought it sounds crazy – what could possibly be good about running in the cold, right? We’re not going to pretend that we ‘enjoy’ stepping outside on a fresh cold morning…

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Tips To Ease Aches & Protect Your Joints From Damage This Winter

Winter Aches

There’s no denying that it’s officially winter here in the Southwest with this cold weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks. And because of this drop in temperature, we’ve had a lot more people struggling with aches and pain reaching out to us for help. Have you been feeling the cold in your…

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Tips to Keep Active, Healthy, and Feeling Great This Season

Autumn Walk

With those long summer days nearly behind us, it can be easy to forget the benefits of getting outside when we should let the cooler temperatures allow us to spend time outside… People tend to stop exercising completely and spend more time indoors doing things like watching TV and sitting for longer periods of time.…

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What To Do To Keep Up With Exercise- Even If You’re Having Problems With Arthritic Hips And Knees


Many people think that walking or jogging is the only way to exercise while enjoying the fresh air. Yet, the health benefits of doing something like cycling are endless. Cycling regularly can help improve physical fitness, ease stress (due to the rush of endorphins being released) and it’s also a great way to reduce your…

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Posture Tips: How To Ease Aches and Pains At Work

Posture Tips

Sometimes, it can surprise us how the smallest things in life can actually affect our health. Small things like wearing that heavy bag on the same shoulder everyday, or that terrible posture that began at work, but so desperately want to get rid of. That’s right… it all adds up. Today I’ll be going over…

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