Neck Pain at the Base of My Neck

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

It’s aggravating to experience neck pain when trying to do your daily tasks and activities. Even when you are trying to get some rest you still have that sharp pain bugging you. It can be frustrating when your painful neck pain doesn’t seem to want to go away. You may wonder to yourself, is it something I’m eating? Am I stressed? Did I do something to my neck? In this blog, you’ll learn why you may be experiencing pain at the base of your skull, why this pain may be occurring, and how you can relieve this pain.

Symptoms of Neck Pain at the Base of the Skull

Symptoms that may arise with this type of pain can be anything from pain starting where your neck meets the base of your head and around to your eyes. This pain may even move from your neck to the back of your shoulders, around your trapezius muscles.

The pain may be throbbing and sharp that starts where your head meets the back of your neck. This may go on for weeks or for almost a whole month. As the throbbing pain continues you may experience sensitivity to light.

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Why do I Have Pain at the Base of My Neck?

This type of pain can be caused by your muscles tightening around your neck which puts pressure on the nerves triggering them to send you those pain receptors.

Eye Strain

If you are constantly straining your eyes to read, look at small writing, driving, etc. This may cause stress in your eyes causing someone to get a headache. You may need to get your eyes checked or get new glasses. Take time away from technology to give your eyes a rest. Blue light glasses may even help as well. They help to prevent damage to your eyes when using technology and can help prevent headaches.


You may be stressed over your job, a big event coming up, household chores, holidays, etc. It can be hard to make time for yourself and be distressed from the day. Make time for yourself to relax and do any activities that you usually do not have time for.


Try to avoid slouching. Prevent yourself from leaning forward when you reach for your mouse while on your computer. To help prevent this sit up straight in your chair and place your arm on the armchair to help keep you upright. You always may try to keep your feet on the ground at a ninety-degree angle. Try to take regular breaks during the day to help keep your neck muscles relaxed.

Occipital NeuralgiaSkull

Occipital neuralgia is when you suffer a pinched nerve related to emotional or physical stress. You may experience sharp pain and your scalp may become sensitive. Often these types of headaches get compared to tension headaches. A tension headache usually lasts for a month or more compared to an occipital headache while usually lasts for up to a week.

How do I Get Relief From My Neck Pain?

Some ways to relieve that pain:

Apply Ice/Heat:

Apply ice can help inflammation if there is any in the neck. Heat may be the better option as it helps to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow. Always use a barrier between your skin, that goes for both ice and heat.

Chin Tucks:

A good exercise to perform is chin tucks. This exercise will help stretch the muscles and strengthen the muscles. You can complete this exercise standing against a wall or sitting straight up in a chair. To follow along with this exercise click here

Neck Massage:

Try to get a massage that relaxes your neck and shoulders to potentially try and release that tension you are having.

Eye Examination:

If you have bad eyes or not it may be time for a check-up. A headache can be a sign that you are straining your eyes too much. This can tell you that your eyes may be weakening and need extra help. Or you may need new glasses if you already have a past with glasses.

Physical Therapy:

Trying physical therapy is another option you can explore. Preferred physical therapy helps you to get to the root cause of your pain. Whether you need strengthening in your neck or have been in an accident, the plan is created just for you to help you be pain-free without painkillers or surgery. Check us out:  If you are unable to come in person check out our YouTube for videos of exercises.

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