Ways To Overcome Workout Inconsistency


If you are like me, this time that we are in has thrown my schedules, especially my workout routines, for a loop. I am an early morning-go-getter who likes to beat the crowds at the gym by starting my workouts around 5 AM. These workouts would start my day off right with increased energy levels throughout the day.

Consequently, I’d have much more time with my family and I would complete things that I truly wanted to do after work. However, when the gyms closed, I lost all consistency with my workouts. My energy levels were down and I had a tough time getting my workout in without the routine I was used to. That’s why today, we are going to go over a few ways you can get out of the rut and back to your old ways or… change your habits (for the better) forever.

First Tip: Enjoyment

This is a key element in follow-through. I wasn’t excited about my home workout, at first. Much of my inconsistency came from completing the same old boring exercises in my limited space over and over again. If you are anything like me, I have to be enthusiastic and engaged in my exercise practice, otherwise, I will simply choose to do something else I enjoy instead.

For me, it was hard to initially think outside the box because I was limited to working out at home with fewer equipment options and less space. While this seemed like a negative, I eventually realized it was actually a huge gain to my brain and entire body!

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Second Tip: Variation

Our brain and body talk using neural pathways almost instantaneously when we work out. When we complete the same workout routine for months or even years, our body and brain are so adapted to this workout that the brain and muscles get into a “routine” similar to autopilot mode, which over time is not as effective as it once was. Being forced into a new workout practice where I had to change my habits and create a new routine was actually a huge benefit because now my body is being challenged in new ways and getting greater results, like when I first started out.

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Third Tip: Mentality and Adaptability

Our mood and attitude change the moment we walk into the place. When I go to the gym, I am there to work out and to get my mind off of the stresses of home, work, and daily life. Whereas, my mentality at home is completely different; I am there to complete my daily chores and relax from my day at work with my wife and kids. I know, I was very resistant to bringing my “gym brain” into my home space but I adapted. What has really worked for me is to change my attitude. I needed to find ways to help get me into the mood to work out at home.

I started by scheduling my workout at the same time I did previously. Now I (once again) wake up at 4:40 AM, get dressed, but instead of driving to the gym, I meditate with music and watch a hype-up video on YouTube to get me pumped up and feel energized enough to work up a good sweat.

But maybe you aren’t like me. My wife has a different practice. Now that she works from home, she started attending daily online video streaming workout sessions that keep her active and free to do whatever she needs. Whatever you choose, look for opportunities to help your workout fit into and even support your day.

If we continue to want to work out during these times, but may not have the same resources that we used to, it may be time to change our thinking and adapt to what we do have and what we can control. We can control our movements, our actions, and our mentality to strive to stay active and independent, live free from pain killers and avoid surgery, even if everything else around us is something we can’t control.

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