Tips To Keep Active and Healthy

Active Autumn

So, let’s talk about keeping you active, healthy, and full of energy this autumn.

With those long summer days almost behind us, it’s easy to let the cooler temperatures prevent you from spending time outside… so it’s easy to stop exercising completely, and spend more time indoors doing things like watching TV, and sitting for long periods of time.

And let’s be honest, you and I both know that a lack of movement can lead to stiffness and unwanted pain, which can get in the way of your day-to-day life.

So with that in mind, let’s look at what you could possibly do to keep moving and reduce the risk of experiencing stiffness this season – here are some of the tips I give my patients:

Embrace Gentle Movements:

One way you can keep moving now that it’s cooler outside is to bring your activities indoors.

Go for a swim, take up yoga, gently ride an exercise bike while you watch your favorite shows – seriously you’ll love just how easy that one is to do.

In fact one of my patients, Mary, absolutely dreaded using her exercise bike, until I told just her how easy it is to make it a healthy habit if she used it while she watched her favorite shows, and now she doesn’t mind using the exercise bike at all!

The key is to find something that you enjoy and to get your body moving gently so that you keep yourself fit and healthy… which brings me to my next point:

Boost Your Immune System:

Here’s an important one, if you want to avoid trips to the Doctor’s office.

Whenever the seasons change, and I feel a need to boost my immune system, I first take a look at mother nature. Some of my favorite immune – boosters are to drink plenty of fresh water and eat plenty of foods packed with nutrients – such as raw honey, garlic, and root veggies. You could even make some delicious pumpkin dishes this autumn.

As the days are becoming shorter, now is the perfect time to really look after yourself. Use this autumn to relax at home, enjoy early nights, cook nutritious food, and maybe even find a new activity to enjoy.

Nick Hunter, PT, DPT

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