3 Types of Injuries Physical Therapy Treats

Physical Therapy Treatments in Glendale, Arizona

Physical therapy can be very beneficial when you’re suffering from any injury. Physical therapy can help someone to regain strength, improve mobility and range of motion.

Why Would I Go To Physical Therapy For An Injury?

Wherever you are experiencing pain, physical therapy can help improve that area’s range of motion and strength. Physical therapy can treat injuries from sports, automobile accidents, and even pre and post-surgery. Pre-surgery helps to improve your post-op health.

Sports Injury

If you’re frustrated that an injury is stopping you from being able to play your sport or perform to the best of your ability then physical therapy can help you. If you injure your shoulder by throwing a ball or hurt your ankle from playing soccer, physical therapy is a great place to seek help and avoid surgery.

To learn more about how we deal with sports injuries: https://preferredptaz.com/sports-injury/

Physical therapy is designed to assist people to help them regain strength and mobility to a specific body part. Therapists can also help to manage the pain and any recurring problems.

Regina is a softball player who hurt her shoulder. It hurt her to wash her hair, sleep, and she was unable to lift her shoulder above her head without having shooting pain. The pain would shock her if she lifted her shoulder above her head. It was very hard for her to throw and play softball which is what she loved doing.

She loved how the physical therapists altered the exercises to her needs. If something was hurting her the physical therapists would show her a less strenuous way to do that exercise or switch it with a different one. Regina wanted to be able to rotate her shoulder in a full circular motion and she is now able to after physical therapy and she has zero pain.

Hear from Regina:

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents or any automobile accidents can be nerve-racking and in a blink of an eye, change your life. You may not be able to go on long hikes anymore or do outside work for as long. The pain now is a part of your new life and your new life with this pain is more limited than it has ever been.

Physical therapy can help you get back to the real you. You were before the accident when you were not suffering from pain every day. Physical therapy can help you retain more function in your joints after your accident. It’s better to work on the problem now, don’t wait, regain your confidence and mobility back.

Katelyn was in an accident where she injured her knee. She thought she could handle recovery by herself but soon realized she wasn’t sure where to begin and that she needed help. She loved how we catered to what she could and couldn’t do when first began.

The physical therapist didn’t push her too much when conducting an exercise, if she felt uncomfortable then they would change up the routine and Katelyn was very surprised by that. She wanted her independence back and within weeks she didn’t need her walker anymore or her husband to help her out of the car. She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to get her independence back but she did.

Hear from Katelyn:

Pre And Post-surgery

Many people may not know but physical therapy can help you pre and post-surgery. The goal of this is to have you as strong as possible pre and post-surgery. Pre-surgery helps you with your post-surgery outcome.

Strengthening pre-surgery can help your recovery time and strength and the end. Post-surgery physical therapy can also help strengthen your body and regain mobility. Post-surgery therapy can help lessen scar tissue and reestablish mobility and function. It can also help to lessen the pain and the use of painkillers.

Preferred Physical Therapy, Arizona

Our physical therapy clinic is located in Glendale, Arizona. Preferred physical therapy is different from most physical therapy places. We start by learning about your goals and what you want to achieve. We then learn about your pain, get to the root cause and create an individualized action plan that is always changing due to the patient’s physical needs.

Our physical therapists spend one on one time with their patients by doing manual therapy and helping them through exercises. The patients always have a watchful eye over them, they are never left alone. The therapists describe how to do each exercise and the benefits. To talk to our front desk to learn more call: 623-486-3333.

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Nick Hunter, PT, DPT

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