7 Ways Life Could Be A Lot Better Living Without Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic Joint Pain

Without any, or even just with less, chronic joint pain you could do any, all, or some of these: …And honestly, I could go on! Living With Chronic Joint Pain is Terrible. And people come to us on a daily basis asking what can be done to help find relief from long lasting problems such…

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Headaches and Migraines: “Was It Something I Ate?”

Let’s talk about headaches… Ranging from a mid-afternoon head pounding ache, to an agonising pain that leaves you sensitive to light and sometimes feeling sick, heachaches are something that most, if not all of us, have suffered from at some point in our life. But for some, headaches are a much bigger problem and can…

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What to do with your Headache Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are a pain in the… well, you know… head! We have all experienced some type of headache pain, whether it has been due to stress, migraines, or even lack of caffeine. But, what truly is a headache and how are they being caused? Most people don’t understand the four types of headaches: Migraine or…

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Is Your Night time Routine Setting Up Your Neck Pain?

Reading in bed

When I get patients ask me ‘why do I get neck pain?’ Many of patients want to know “WHY?”.  It can sometimes be difficult to answer. Not because I don’t know how to ease neck pain, but because I don’t know all their personal circumstances. What I can suggest however, is to take a look…

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