The Best Stretches To Reduse Elbow Pain

Tight Elbow

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How Do You Treat Tendonitis?


At Preferred Physical Therapy we often get patients coming to us with a diagnosis of tendonitis in some form which in some cases is accurate, but often this isn’t completely accurate. Often patients have overuse injuries in their tendons related to an overload of the surrounding area versus an area that is just inflamed. The…

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Stretches To Help Improve Posture


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Top Stretches For Piriformis Pain

Piriformis Syndrome

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Stretching And Strengthening The Hip Flexors

Strengthening The Hip

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What Can I Do About Stiff Hips?

Hip Pain

We get many patients who complain of tightness or a stiff hip. Often, they just blame it on age and say there is nothing that can change that. It’s true as we age, our muscles become less pliable and arthritis can make our joints feel stiffer. However, we can improve our mobility and strength to…

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Restorative Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

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what are the benefits of stretching?


I often hear from people that they don’t need a daily stretch routine because they will never be flexible or because it’s boring and they would rather go biking, hiking, etc. Other people have good intentions, but often find less and less time to get a regular stretching routine into their day. And I get…

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Yoga at Home? No way.

Yoga at Home

I often hear from people that they think yoga could be beneficial for them, but they just don’t know where to start. Other comments include “I’m not flexible enough”, “I can’t afford to go to a fancy studio”, or “I’ll just do some stretches at home to improve my flexibility since that’s what yoga is…

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Telehealth: Current and Future Benefits


What is telehealth and why are we hearing so much about it now? Telehealth is the use of electronic communication to provide healthcare services from remote locations. This has been around for quite a while and some of you may even have utilized these services with your physician or other healthcare professionals in the past.…

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