How Do You Stick To A Healthy Diet?

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Are you ready for the new year? 2022 will be here before you know it and although this past month has been full of errands, sweet treats, and lots of lounging around, it will all be over soon! Going back to reality can stink, but it can be even worse if you end up falling out of your health routine. There’s no doubt that the holidays are full of family, fun, and activities, but I often hear my patients talk about how they’ve been in a rut these past three weeks and haven’t really had the motivation to go back to working out and eating right.

This can then continue on into the new year and resolutions can be abandoned just as quickly as they began. But there are things you can do to help you avoid the rut! I’ve put together four things that will keep you on track to achieving your goals and staying healthy right into the new year.

4 tips on how to help you stick to healthier choices in 2022


Although we may try hard to exercise and keep a balanced diet, this time of year can be very hectic and our progress can get lost along the way. I understand that sticking to your usual routine can become difficult when the day starts to get packed with unexpected tasks and last-minute errands- trust me, it happens to the best of us. If your routine gets thrown out the window around the holidays, you should try setting aside ten minutes of ‘me time during the day, which will allow you to recharge and stay focused.

Offer Healthy Options

Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party or just attending one, the buffet table doesn’t only have to consist of sweet treats and unhealthy foods. If you are having people over for a holiday celebration, create a table full of healthy options. Of course, balance is key so it won’t be the end of the world to include a decadent dessert.

But, providing a majority of healthy foods will ultimately prevent you and your guests from being tempted by a large amount of desired holiday delicacies. Even if you’re invited to a Christmas party and are asked to bring a dish. Choosing to bring a wholesome dish will guarantee that you keep on track with your balanced diet even if the host has only provided unhealthy options.

Incorporate Citrus into Your Diet

Detoxing in the morning is always a great way to start off the day. Adding lemon to a hot glass of water will provide your body with the vitamins and antioxidants it needs, especially when you’re running on little sleep and having longer than normal days (typical around the holidays). It even has the power to boost your metabolism, which will kick-start your busy day.

Keeping a pitcher of water with cut-up lemon in your fridge at all times will make it easier to get that glass of water in whenever you have the time. If you aren’t a fan of lemon, substitute it with cucumber or mint. And since everyone seems to suffer from a cold this time of year, you can reduce the chance of getting ill by adding a teaspoon of honey to your drink as well.

Switch Up Your Eating Habits

There are healthy alternatives that can be found for most of the unhealthy foods that tend to tempt us throughout the day. Swapping regular potatoes out for sweet potatoes or spaghetti noodles out for spaghetti squash can make a huge difference. Sweet potatoes can provide essential nutrients to your body, such as vitamin A and potassium.

Even swapping sugary or heavy, creamy drinks out for a glass of red wine can prove to be a healthier option. If you think eating healthy is boring, think again! You can always find a fun, healthy twist to put on your usual dishes.


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Nick Hunter, PT, DPT

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