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  • Name: Terrie
  • Age: 60s
  • Pain point: Hip
  • Outcome:

    Now able to get up and down stairs without a handrail and can stand up after gardening without issue.

Terrie’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding on physical therapy and what was the obstacle?
For about two and a half years I had a lot of pain in my hips.

What was and how bad was your problem prior to receiving physical therapy?
I couldn’t do stairs and I couldn’t lift up my leg but nobody could tell me why.

What was your pain preventing you from doing?
Gardening and climbing stairs. I could climb stairs if I was on Prednisone. 20Mg a day, which is a lot. ANd I did that so I could get through the stairs I had to climb when I helped my daughter after she had a baby. I needed to be able to climb stairs so I just drugged myself – or the doctor did. And that worked but I knew it wasn’t the answer.

What would you say to someone who was experiencing pain but skeptical about physical therapy?
I can actually use my muscles and I have very little pain. So it’s definitely worth it if you see progress and if you are going to someone who knows what they are doing.

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy, what did you enjoy the most?
Everybody is friendly. It was fun. But mainly, the results. I could see progression right away, within a few weeks. So that was exciting…

What were you wanting to achieve and did we help you to achieve it?
I can use stairs pretty easily. I can get up from the ground.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 0/10
Pain description: No pain but weakness and fatigue (in the legs)
Worse with:
  • Going up or down stairs
Better with:
  • Rest

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