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  • Name: Stephen
  • Age: 60s
  • Pain point: Hip
  • Outcome:

    Returning to trail running and cycling

Stephen’s Story

What was and how bad was your problem prior to receiving physical therapy?

I had pain in my right hip that radiated down to my right thigh. It was pretty debilitating. I couldn’t walk more than five or ten minutes before it started bothering me.

What was your pain preventing you from doing?

Running, walking, any kind of activity that required my leg.

What would you say to someone who was experiencing pain but skeptical about physical therapy?

There’s nothing to be skeptical about. I’m sold on physical therapy. It’s noninvasive and it’s effective. I would say do it. All you have to do is exercises to treat the cause of the problem on a mechanical basis. I have found physical therapy and it works wonderfully!

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy, what did you enjoy the most?

Nick is the best. I’ve had physical therapy… and then I’ve had physical therapy from Nick. He’s the top of the heap! Everybody’s nice. Everybody is warm and friendly!

What were you wanting to achieve and did we help you to achieve it?

It really works! After I’ve come here, I am able to go back to doing what I was doing before. I can run again!

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 4-6/10
Pain description: Burning over the lower back on one side more than the other and dull ache in the glute and high hip area on the back side.
Worse with:
  • Standing on one leg
  • Going up stairs
  • Sitting for more than 30 mintues
Better with:
  • Laying on back with legs elevated

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