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  • Name: Judy
  • Age: 70s
  • Pain point: Knee
  • Outcome:

    Decrease pain, easier to get in/out of the car, easier to negotiate stairs

Judy’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding on physical therapy and what was the obstacle?

Years! I was totally convinced that there was nothing that was going to help me other than surgery.

What was it and how bad was your problem prior to receiving physical therapy?

From 1-10, it was probably an 8. And after coming here, it’s down to about a 2. And I do not feel the need for surgery on either my left knee or left hip. Everything is doing just fine. I have no pain whatsoever.

What was your pain preventing you from doing?

Walking my dog, going anywhere that required me to walk any kind of distance. I had to depend on my friends to get me from point A to point B when we went somewhere and it was really kind of embarrassing. But now I’m good enough to do it on my own and I am so happy! I am just thrilled.

What would you say to someone who was experiencing pain but skeptical about physical therapy?

I would literally take them! I would recommend physical therapy to anyone who has a surgical decision to make. Try this first!

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy, what did you enjoy the most?

The attitude of everyone and the comradery. The minute I walked in here it was like I was their new best friend. It was comfortable and I really, really enjoyed my time here.

What were you wanting to achieve and did we help you to achieve it?

I thought the only thing left to do was to redo the knee, and I was not ready to go through that again. It’s a hard and lengthy recovery. So I decided to try this first. They worked and worked and worked and this gang has now got this knee to where I can do almost anything with it and I am very pleased. Surgery is no longer an option.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 8/10
Pain description: Sharp, aching, burning
Worse with:
  • Stairs
  • Walking
  • Sleeping
Better with:
  • Rest

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