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  • Name: Jackie
  • Age: 30s
  • Pain point: Hip
  • Outcome:

    Reduced her pain so she can keep up with her kids and achieve her goal of running a half marathon

Jackie’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding to seek a physical therapist?
I didn’t wait. I came right away.

What was your problem and how bad was it prior to coming to Preferred Physical Therapy?
Well, I had injured my hip while jogging. I could function and do every day things, but I wasn’t able to be as active as I wanted to be.

What was your hip pain causing you to miss out on?
Exercising is a huge part of my life. I want to be healthy and active so that I can keep up with my kids, so not being able to do that is a huge deal for me.

Did you try anything else that didn’t work?
Well, as a physical therapist myself, I kind of know heat, ice, stretching and some exercises. But you can’t evaluate yourself and there are just some things you can’t do to yourself.

What would you say to someone who was in pain but skeptical on getting physical therapy?
I am also a physical therapist and a huge advocate for physical therapy. Pain is something that we shouldn’t have to live with so I would encourage people to seek help, get a referral and get it figured out so that you can live your life and do all the things you love to do.

What did you enjoy most about coming to PPT?
I really enjoyed coming here. The staff is wonderful, the care is wonderful, it’s a really friendly environment and all of the other patients are wonderful.

What was your goal and did we help you to achieve it?
Yes. My goal was to be able to run the rock’n’roll half marathon and I did it! I ran it a couple of days ago and I did awesome and I didn’t have any pain which is even better.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 6/10
Pain description: Sharp pain radiating from the hip
Worse with:
  • Running
  • Kick boxing
  • Chasing her kids
Better with:
  • Rest
  • Foam roller
Number of visits: 9

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