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  • Name: Dale
  • Age: 70s
  • Pain point: Shoulder
  • Outcome:

    Able to do yard work and dress without pain

Dale’s Story

How long did you wait before making the decision to come to physical therapy?
I waited probably over a year before I came to physical therapy.

What was the obstacle in coming to see a physical therapist?
I just felt that I would get better with time but as time went on, it got worse.

What was your problem prior to getting treatment?
My problem was that I couldn’t move my right arm forward. I had injured my shoulder somehow and tore the muscles loose at the top of the shoulder. From what I understand, there are four main muscles in the shoulder and I tore one almost completely in half and stretched the other three.

What was your shoulder pain causing you to miss out on?
I really like playing cards and I could never deal cards out in front of me. Now I can reach forward with my arm no problem.

Did you try anything else that didn’t work?
I tried pain pills and those didn’t work. They just helped me get by.

After receiving treatment at Preferred, what would you say to anyone experiencing shoulder pain but hesitant on getting physical therapy?
I’d tell them that they should get started sooner rather than later. There’s no pain involved. You just come to physical therapy and enjoy.

What did you enjoy most about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy?
I liked getting the personal massage and hands on treatment. It really helped and the people here are great.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about getting physical therapy?
There’s no need to be skeptical. It’s really helpful and it’s amazing what can be done with simple movements.

What were you wanting to achieve by coming here and did we help you to achieve it?
My main goal was pain relief and it went away. I was in constant pain with both shoulders. Basically from my very first appointment my pain was gone and the movements just continued to improve.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 6/10
Pain description: Sharp pain in both shoulders
Worse with:
  • Doing yard work
  • Shoveling
  • Getting dressed
Better with:
  • Resting the arm
Number of visits: 9

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