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  • Name: Michelle
  • Age: 60s
  • Pain point: Shoulder
  • Outcome:

    Full return to work, sleeping a full night most nights, able to do my hair and drive without pain when reaching my seat belt or turning the wheel.

Michelle’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding on physical therapy and what was the obstacle?
I waited until I had my doctor’s approval to come into therapy.

What was and how bad was your problem prior to receiving physical therapy?
I was in a car accident last summer. My shoulder and neck was all affected but it didn’t just stop there. It made my whole spine hurt.

What was your pain preventing you from doing?
I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t do the dishes. I had a hard time washing my hair. Driving was uncomfortable. Working an 8 hour day was uncomfortable.

What would you say to someone who was experiencing pain but skeptical about physical therapy?
If somebody else was telling me they were in an accident or living in pain, I would recommend, definitely, that they come get physical therapy, to learn the exercises specific to that pain, as well as, to build up some muscle and get themselves realigned. So they can stay off medications. I was so uncomfortable when I first came in, anything to feel better was my goal even if it was just little things. You just have to be patient and do the exercises even if they hurt. Because the next day, usually, you’re sore. But eventually, week after week, you start to see some differences.

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy, what did you enjoy the most?
The people here are wonderful. Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable asking any kind of questions.

What were you wanting to achieve and did we help you to achieve it?
I get to do some more travelling, now it’s not so uncomfortable in the car. So we can get out and do more things around Arizona. Even just going to the movies, sitting there for two hours, I can do that now, whereas before, I was uncomfortable. [Therapy] has helped with work, it’s not so bad being there for 40 hours. I’m not going out of there in terrible pain, going straight home for ice packs and laying down. I don’t need to lay down after work anymore. So that is a big improvement.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 7/10
Pain description: Burning pain along the top of the shoulder and up into the neck.
Worse with:
  • Reaching overhead
  • Turning her neck to check blindspots, while driving
Better with:
  • Rest

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