Do Exercises Always Work For Sports Injuries?



Let’s talk…

About why MOST exercises NEVER work. (Like the person injured and doing them, hopes).

This is large because they are being done at the wrong time, for the wrong reason, and in the wrong order.

There’s a myth out there that anytime a person gets injured, it’s all about just doing “some exercises”.

(As if “any” will do)

I’d go so far as to say it IS what is causing millions of people to suffer from physical problems like back pain and neck pain, and even keeps injured runners on the sidelines for months (and years) longer than is necessary.

And it has happened because the GP’s will have you believe that the answer to anything physical is to just go and do “some exercises” and keep it moving.

(Heard that line before?…)

So you go to the internet and look up “the best exercises for (fill in the blank) pain”.

I hear it from very confused (and frustrated) runners, CrossFit athletes, tennis players, and golfers on a daily basis.

Internet doesn’t help of course- one search on there and 1000 exercises will appear that ‘look right’ and promise that if you do them, all of your problems will be solved.

But really, most of the time general exercises don’t work for a specific problem.

There’s also a huge difference between doing exercises that recover you safely from an injury, and ones that just get you up and about again quickly (…meaning “unsafely”).

How to know if you are doing the correct exercises

When it comes to doing the right exercises, here’s a trick that most people miss:

You need to have at least three different types– all working sequentially, simultaneously, and running concurrently alongside the treatment of a specialist who works on the injury and knows just how far it can be “safely” pushed.

For example:

Did you know that you should be starting with “static exercises in the first few days, adding in some dynamic stretches as the injury progresses? Or that starting “core” type exercises is vital from day one?

And that’s before I even start talking about exercises to improve proprioception and flexibility.

To get the very BEST results from “just doing exercises”, you HAVE to combine all of these different types into one plan that is perfect for YOU.

Then progress that plan regularly, as progress allows, and always take into consideration that it’s not about easing the pain or getting up and at it again as fast as possible. It’s about being safely able to get back to running or playing without the fear of the injury happening again, any time soon.

That’s what I do for my patients.

I’d like to do it for you too.

And if you’d like to know the ONLY exercises that you should be doing, and have a custom exercise plan made just for you and your specific fitness goals, please make your inquiry here:

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You’ve got nothing to lose.

I only want for you to leave my care, fit, happy, and confident that you’re not going to break down again anytime soon.

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Nick Hunter, PT, DPT

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