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The summer is upon us and “race season” is coming to a close. While there are still several great 5k runs and activities to do, many runners use the summer to either taper down a little or start training for marathons in the fall. If you are one of these “runners” or are thinking you are going to start running this blog post is for you!

If you’re new to running, or if running non-stop for a set distance is something you’ve never done before, here are three tips to get you started:

(These are also important for the seasoned runner to remember too!)

1. Make Sure You Warm Up And Cool Down

Most runners make the mistake of either not warming up their body the ‘right way, or not doing any sort of warm-up at all when a simple warm-up only takes 5 minutes to do.

All you need to do is get your heart pumping by jogging up and down on the spot for 2 minutes, and gently stretch the muscles you’ll be using when you run for the remaining 3 minutes – your calf, ankle, and hamstring.

It’s important to warm up these muscles after you’ve jogged on the spot so your body is prepared – otherwise, there’s a higher chance that you’re likely to get injured.

Just 3-4 simple stretches are all you need to get past the finish line.

2. Get The Right Running Shoes

Your shoes don’t have to be that expensive but don’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of running shoes.

Your old pair of running shoes that you’ve hidden away in the closet for a year won’t be any good, and you should definitely resist running in converse.

To reduce the likelihood of injury, get yourself a pair of well-cushioned sneakers that are comfortable to run in, and will make any impact.

3. Don’t Worry About The Pace

As a beginner, most of your runs should start out at a “conversational” pace. What I mean by this, is that they shouldn’t feel too tough – you should be able to breathe without feeling like you’re so out of breath that you can’t carry on a conversation.

Don’t worry about your pace per mile – if you can pass the ‘talk test’, you’re running at the right speed.

Starting out slow will help prevent overtraining and any risk of injury that could make you sit out.

So there you have it! Three simple tips to make the most of the upcoming summer training season.

Enjoy! And let me know how you do!

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Nick Hunter, PT, DPT

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