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  • Name: Steve
  • Age: 60s
  • Pain point: Knee
  • Outcome:

    Feeling confident with his knee when doing activities

Steve’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding to get physical therapy?
I came as soon as the doctor told me I need it.

What was and how bad was your problem prior to coming to Preferred Physical Therapy?
Well I had a partial knee replacement and I was in a lot of pain. I wasn’t all that mobile.

What was your knee injury preventing you from doing?
There were a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do. I couldn’t run, couldn’t hike anymore, it was difficult to stoop or squat down.

Did you try anything that didn’t work, before coming to physical therapy?
No, I had surgery on it before. I went back to see the doctor after that he told me I needed the knee replacement. I didn’t really try anything before, other than the first surgery.

Did you have any experience with physical therapy before coming to Preferred?
Yes, this is actually the second time that I’ve been here because I had my other knee done last year. I knew what to expect when I came here this time.

What would you say to someone who was hesitant on getting physical therapy?
I would recommend that they come here. Nick and everyone else who works here has been really good to me.

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming here, what did you enjoy the most?
I’ve been to physical therapy before and the facility was real, real crowded, there were people all over the place and they had 6 to 7 physical therapists. Here it’s laid back, they give you the time and the space and I really liked that.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 7/10
Pain description: Aching pain in left knee following a partial knee replacement
Worse with:
  • Getting up in the morning
  • Rising from a low chair
  • Kneeling
  • Going up/ down stairs or curbs
Better with:
  • Resting with legs up
Number of visits: 12

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