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  • Name: Kathryn
  • Age: 70s
  • Pain point: Balance
  • Outcome:

    Back to the gym, swimming, and her daily life with more confidence and strength.

Kathryn’s Story

How long did you wait before deciding on physical therapy and what was the obstacle?

I had a bad fall and I went to another physical therapy place but he did not treat me right. He did not pay attention to me so my friends recommended this place to me. I didn’t wait I waited to get to the right place and I wish I came here first.

What was it and how bad was your problem prior to receiving physical therapy?

I had a bad fall and I had to have physical therapy for a while. It was great here as the team worked together and they gave me information.

What was your pain preventing you from doing?

Now I am not missing out on much. I was also able to find a trainer and get back to racing swimming.

What would you say to someone who was experiencing pain but skeptical about physical therapy?

This will help you for the rest of your life. You work with all the physical therapists here and benefit from all of them.

Out of all the things that you enjoyed about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy, what did you enjoy the most?

The people, how much they know, and how well they work together. That I now have the skills to better strengthen my back. That I have a safe place to come and get better.

What were you wanting to achieve and did we help you to achieve it?

I wanted to be able to hike and swim and do my activities. I have accomplished all of that.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 1-2/10
Pain description: Not really in that much pain but wants to be more stable and build her strength.
Worse with:
  • Picking things up off the ground
  • Walking
Better with:
  • Rest
  • Nap
  • Stretching

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