6 Things to Do in Phoenix Without Back Pain

Phoenix is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From amazing and challenging hiking trails, attractions to visit with the kids or grandkids to parks that offer a range of different activities. There’s something for everyone. Living in Phoenix means you can walk and hike through mountain ranges, see beautiful scenery and…

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5 Realistic Ways To Stay Active & Healthy, Even When Life Feels “Too Busy”

Time to Plan

It’s not about being ‘perfect’, it’s just about being ‘prepared’. Nearly every patient I see tells me they want to be more fit, or they are out of shape, or if they were more active they probably wouldn’t be injured. They all agreed that they knew they needed to exercise, sleep more, and eat healthier…

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Exercise After Injury

Ankle Injury

I had a patient tell me this the other day: “How long does it take to get back to exercise after an injury?… …I hurt my ankle a month ago, and want to know how long it’ll take me to get back to running. It’s frustrating not knowing if it’s safe to get back out…

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Sitting: Is It Really That Bad For Your Health?

“We spend on average, almost 9 hours sitting-and that’s not taking into account the 8 hours we spend lying down sleeping…” Here’s a habit that every single one of us is doing daily… It’s something we spend, on average, almost nine hours doing – and that’s not taking into account the eight hours we spend…

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How To Wake Up Early

Believe it or not – most people spend too much time in bed. And even more, people make the mistake of thinking that more time in bed = more energy and feeling ready for the day. Now I know getting out of bed can be tough. The alarm goes off and for a moment and…

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5 Realistic Ways To Stay Active & Healthy

A few weeks back some of our patients were chatting together, and the conversation was all about wanting to be more fit, but why sometimes it’s so hard to stay in shape. They all agreed that they knew they needed to exercise, sleep more, and eat healthier – but knowing and actually doing, are two…

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How Do I Exercise With A Bad Back?

Let’s talk about exercise and back pain. Last week I had a question asked by one of our patients, Mary age 56, of Peoria, Arizona. It is a very common question. “Is it ok to exercise when my back is hurting? I’ve just got into a good routine at the gym working out three times…

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