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  • Name: Brittany
  • Age: 20s
  • Pain point: Arm
  • Outcome:

    Returned to CrossFit and lifting with less restriction

Brittany’s Story

How long did you wait before coming to physical therapy?
I came in about two weeks after I had my surgery.

What was going on with your arm and how bad did it get prior to coming to physical therapy?
I couldn’t even bend my elbow. It was to the point where I couldn’t touch my own shoulder. I couldn’t straighten my arm at all and I couldn’t feel my fingers or my hand.

What was your arm pain causing you to miss out on?
It just made it more difficult to do things. I would always have to shake my hand out. It would even wake me up from sleeping because I wouldn’t be able to feel my arm.

Did you try anything else that didn’t work?
I would take Ibuprofen a lot to try and help it but it didn’t fix anything.

What would you say to someone who was skeptical about getting physical therapy?
Definitely go. It’s worth it and it helps.

What did you enjoy the most about coming to Preferred Physical Therapy?
Just the atmosphere and the people. It was always fun, I was always laughing.

What was your goal, and did the team at Preferred Physical Therapy help you to achieve it?
Being able to use my arm. With CrossFit, I wanted to be able to hold a front rack with the bar and be able to touch my toes. I can touch my shoulder now too and it’s awesome. It’s been great. It’s a million times better than it was before.

What to Watch Out For:

Pain scale: 6/10
Pain description: Sharp pain through the elbow with numbness in the hands and fingers
Worse with:
  • Lifting
  • Using the arm
Better with:
  • Ice
  • Rest
Number of visits: 12

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